Wednesday, December 15, 2010


My husband who is a doctor told me after reading a report about my friend  (a story I posted a day ago) that it does feel like the end...She might be gone in several days...
I remember when Nithyananda said  that he was going to build a spiritual healing hospital for cancer patients in 2011.  He asked for volunteers.
His success rate at this point is about 70% with cancer patients and volunteers in the ashram keep gathering data to be able to present it to the world community.  I wish this center would be up and running fast, really fast, really really really fast.
I am thinking that all of us who have family members and friends affected by it or lost to it or anyone who is just looking to do something good for the planet, should get together and help make it happen rather sooner than later.

Accident on ice

Alice and I went to the closest ice rink to check their figure skating programs.  It has been a long time since she took her last ice skating lesson.  She was looking forward to it.  Lesson started, her two friends were there and I was happily observing the whole thing: music, little kids jumping, smiling, red cheeks and noses, sparkling eyes.
Then I heard a scream.   I should say "a terrifying scream".  One girl fell.  The scream continued and continued and continued.  People started running and all I could hear was " this is bad, this is really bad".  I went towards the end of the rink where she was lying on ice.  She could not see anyone and pain seemed to  be beyond what she was able to handle.  
My heart first went to a shock.  She was about Alice's age, maybe a little younger.  I went towards her and knew right away that there is nothing I can do in this physical world but I can definitely ask Nithyananda's help.  There was no way, I could stand and watch.  Explaining to everyone that I am a healer and I got this ability as a gift from my spiritual teacher in India was no place and time so I just started meditation but without putting my hands on her standing about 5 away.
I felt Nithyananda presence right away.  I could not see his face but I vividly saw his feet and my body felt the energy.   The girl kept screaming and then all of a sudden she opened her eyes and looked directly at me for about 3 seconds.  These were very long three seconds...   Then screaming started again.  Now some other people were running around repeating the same things that it is bad and she broke her neck.
Girl's father was there.  I have to tell you that he was an inspiration to me.   He is a surgeon and he took compete charge of all these worried people.  He was  talking to her, holding her so she would not move in case there is a spine injury, he was on the phone with the hospital.  He was amazing.
They went to the changing room and finally some medications were found and she was all tied up.  They left to the hospital once the ambulance came.  I continually prayed through that whole thing because it was the best I could do...
I asked a friend on mine several days after the accident what the report was on little girl's health.  She said that the girl was fine and was released from the hospital the same day...
My friends who went to India with me and who saw miracles on an everyday basis would of course say that Swamiji was there and my friends who did not go there would say that it was just not a bad fall and I just imagined the whole thing.
I know one thing for sure: being in meditation during the crises was creating a positive energy flow and positive energy flow always helps.  Watching a child who is hurt is the worst experience one can imagine. I am so grateful for the strong understanding that there were enough people running around and I just need to stand and connect to Swamiji.  I felt God would take care and ...he did.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Just found out about the bad health issue with one of my friends.  Actually not even a close friend just a person that I used to know and care about.  We did not stay in touch and life happened and ...she is in a hospital and when I read the email about her, I felt that it might be the end of her life.
So sad and scary to write that.  It also makes me angry.  Very angry.  I thought it would not be possible for me to be mad but I can relate to some of it and I guess need another un-clutching dose from Swamiji.
She had and probably still has a cheating husband whom she did not leave and was keeping it together and went through whatever and got a breast cancer and survived and continued...what else is new, right?
I am not  blaming a husband for her sickness.  I am blaming him for not having courage and staying trying to sit on two chairs.  I know God will take care of his spiritual growth and I would never ever want to be in his place.  I just wish that all women would wake up.
Women need to read more of the studies that will show that they do get physically sick from these unhealthy relationships; their suppressed anger gets so comfortable in their body that it takes over the body in the form of cancer.  They need courage to leave the situations and find themselves and do not tolerate what they can not really tolerate!
And to all these men - is it really worth it?  If it is - leave.  Be compassionate and leave.  You are not compassionate if you stay, you will just make her sick because she does not have the courage or respect towards herself when she is with you...  Most of your wives are not Mother Teressas so let them grow, do not sit on two chairs.  It is not even comfortable to sit on two chairs so why do that?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pink Swan

I was driving Alice to school today.  Her school starts early in the morning and the best part about it is the sky.  I  most likely would fail to describe that spectacular show that we see every morning.
Today though we were talking about different experiences that she has in school in some activities.  As far as I see it being in six  grade is tough.  At one point I almost started lecturing her on something and then looked at the sky and ... there was a perfect pink swan in the bright blue sky.  It was phenomenal how the clouds grouped together to make such a shape and both of us just gasped with admiration.
My next thought was:"Good morning Swamiji!  I get it, no lectures."

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Enlightened Kids from Sparta

My school  had one of our performances a couple of days ago.  I live in a beautiful small town with a lot of lakes, a boardwalk right next to the Country Club and amazing views of the lake and mountains.  There is a yearly festival in December: German Christmas Market.  It was our fourth time participating and I had children of Biryukov Academy of different ages singing Christmas songs.
They all did great despite the fact that it was freezing cold weather, cold wind from the lake that made it a bit difficult to sing or hear the music and there was not the best set up of the stage.  Most of these kids did a lot of shows with my school and we always work on the" enjoying the moment" concept rather than "you have to be perfect".  We still practice and practice and practice but goal is to have a stress - free performance. They were all done with solos and duets and one  group song and we reached the finale.  We chose an easy song that everyone knows "Jingle bell rock".  Easy, fun...Well, they forgot the words, then they danced in the wrong direction.   They started laughing and improvised all along and gave microphone to each other and happily waved from the stage.
One of my friends who was watching them said:  "That was so cute.  They did not get nervous at all, they just continued having fun."  And  I thought ; "How awesome is that!"

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dangers of being with Enlightened Master

Ok, the biggest one is that not a single fear or incompetency of yours will stay untouched. You will need to clean all the mess and learn all that you are teaching your children to do. 
     Every time I say that I am not good at something I end up doing just exactly what I was trying to avoid. Last drop happened yesterday. I really never liked Math. Maybe I did not spend enough hours practicing it but I was always convinced that it is not my subject and there is no way i would ever understand it. When my son was little I gave the task of helping him with Math to my husband and when it did not work out I found different Math programs (although he just got his Bachelor with majoring in Math and minoring in Physics). Anyway, now my daughter is in six grade and I am still avoiding her math homework.
     I was speaking to a friend of mine who is a full time volunteer in the ashram now. She is putting different amazing programs together. The plan is to create a website with a lot of lesson plans so teachers and parents can follow and kids can learn different aspects of blissful functioning (including Vedic Math !). I wrote myself down for volunteering and teaching the program but when I saw Math on the curriculum I told her that I have strong doubts that I am a good fit. She laughed and said that I just do not understand but because I am an artist it will be very easy for me. I want to repeat the words: "It will be easy for you because you are an artist". Well, we will see about that I thought at that moment but now I am actually looking forward because it would be too cool to figure math out………. finally …………after being ..... years old.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Spiritual High

I loved the expression "Spiritual High".  A friend of mine said that I look really good on the pictures and tried to guess the reason.  Options included "Spiritual High".
Then he said that maybe I did a cosmetic surgery recently and I said:"No, not cosmetic, but cosmic".    Awesome.
Just listened to the morning message from Paramahamsa Nithyananda and understood one thing:  Have to start with 108 sun salutations and what I planned asap.  Did not think that I was lazy but now I am feeling that maybe still a bit?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thank you

Gratitude is the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced.  When it really happens you do not have to think about the "why" aspect of it, you just feel it first and then find reasons for that feeling if you want to.  
Functioning beyond cause and effect allows you to be happy for no reason, be grateful for everything and this creates the energy in which your beings feels so light. It is the Best experience.  
I remember the time when I did the gratitude journal,  At that time I had to write (as practice) five things that I was grateful for a day.   I remember that I had to think a little bit before writing the thoughts down and now I get to this feeling without even specifying what I am grateful for.  
What a gift!  God is generous, disproportionally generous because He just Is as one very nice spiritual teacher said today. 
Let all my beautiful friends who still read this blog be blessed with that feeling during these coming days and always.  Of course I wish the same to everyone but you have been travelling with me  and so my thoughts went to you first.  Thank you ALL.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Albert Einstein and Peak Performance

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." 
- Albert Einstein
I was  thinking about our Peak Performance group and also about all sorts of training that people are taking to become better at what they love doing.  My thought after reading the quote from Einstein was that we technically are always at our peak performance and if this peak seems like a little hill at the time then realizing the higher consciousness is the only answer.  Suggesting to the person who is afraid of heights or closed spaces  not to be afraid will not do.  Rewiring is required.  Find the best place for rewiring your being! 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Past lives

This is an awesome morning message from Paramahamsa Nithyananda about past lives and engram memories.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Energizer Bunny and Zen Living

Do you remember the advertising?  Pink Bunnies are marching with the drums.  I feel I am one of them.  I was curious if the energy will stay with me after I came back from India.  Well, it does.  Same excitement and same feeling that I want to do so much and oh, why the day is so short.
What I feel I need to bring in is Zen living.   My husband and my daughter inspired me to take a look at that aspect with all their stories about Japan.  Great Art in every moment, find a beautiful place for all the things you think you need at home and at work.  Is it too much?  Energizer bunny is much easier for me for sure. 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Aha Moments and Kids

My daughter just turned 12 and her celebration was a sleepover birthday party.  I had 8 girls of the same age in my house and they pretty much occupied it all.  My husband took a night shift and my 24 year old son went hiding in his room.  Girls were happy: they ate, watched movies, listened to the music, talked.  In the morning they started to play a game.  They decided to rate each other, actually they were rating not only character traits like kindness but also ...body parts: hair, nails, nose, etc.  I missed the beginning of the game because I was cooking waffles (they all loved my waffles and Alice was very proud of my cooking abilities.) so I did not get a chance to talk to them about uniqueness and since they liked me they would have not maybe played the game but...I was cooking waffles.  Everything is auspicious, right?
I called them downstairs and observed the end of it.  "You gave me 2 for my nose!  Oh, I gave you 5 for your hair!"   Then they said: "We just ruined our self-esteem, didn't we?"  And a huge sigh of relief went through the breakfast table.  "We will never play the game like that again", they said.   
And I  thought, "I certainly hope so and please include looking all the magazine pictures as your standards as well."
What I also enjoyed immensely was the speed of recovery.   They un-clutched from that whole thing with a speed of light once the correct understanding happened.  And "Peak Performance" group for kids made a lot of sense...again.

Friday, November 12, 2010


There is a myth that we have to be serious to do important things.  If we are not serious we are not responsible people.  So every  time a change occurs (every day, right?) or a task is presented we have to become serious about it.  "Get serious about it",  the advice goes.
Well, in fact, may be, just may be we should not get serious and in fact we should just......... relax.
Of course our ego feels good when we are serious and we feel important when we breath heavily, look and feel like serious people.  But do we  really need to breath heavily and feel important to sign the checks, go to work or help our children with homework?   Why all enlighten beings are laughing all the  time?  Why the more people meditate the more efficient they become and  (!) the more they laugh?  What was Agni Yoga speaking about when it said:  "Bliss (Joy) is the wisdom"?
Paramahamsa Nithyananda says:  Relaxation with responsibility is enlightenment.  He himself needs so many people just to keep up with his ideas and ability to work non stop without being tired and what about us?
Feels like it is time to start smiling at all the serious tasks.  Maybe it is time not to take life seriously?  What do you think?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

More fun is more fun

I was driving on a high way after taking mom to the airport and kept seeing funny signs around like :"WOW" I am sure it was meaningful and about some company but my mind was only able to read :"Wow"  (thank you, Mind.  You are doing a good job so far following the Being.)
The other one was "More Fun is More Fun".  That one is so true and you can change the word "fun" to any word,   Fun though is a really good one.  Some talented people are in the advertising industry I must say.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

From Everest to Enlightenment

My dear friend Dheera came to visit for a day this week.  His name is Martin Williams and Dheera is his spiritual name that means courage.  I met him three years ago at a training where he was one of the guest speakers and then I saw him in India during my trip to Himalayas and my last adventure at LEP.
To tell you the truth it made me think about setting goals.  Some goals need to be set of course and some steps need to be taken to achieve  them.  His talk was about his dream to go on expedition from North to South Pole on human power with a group of young people.   He also  did a lot of extreme travelling before that expedition and these travelling included the Everest Mountain.  By the way he told me that Everest is very popular (and for a good reason) but  there are mountain that present even more challenge than Everest.
Anyway, He took us through his "From Pole to Pole" jouney.  He was inspiring us to dream big, to have a vision, to feel our visions, to expand.  As he said:"Once you expand, you will not go back to where you were."   Kids from my "Peak Performance" group were working on understanding their fears and at the end he signed their papers with notes from the talk.  He told me that the  group was very thoughtful and he was sincerely happy that he had met them.
And I ....I was thinking the whole day about one thing.  I did not set up the goal to have Martin in my house speaking to my son, watching him give the Radio Interview, speaking to my students, seeing my friends meeting him in our small town in New Jersey.  I first saw him as a guest speaker for 1000 people and I sensed so strongly that he was different from other speakers, the stuff that he was teaching us was amazing and I had a lot of "aha" moments as Oprah says.   I could not visualize that he would come here. That thought would not have crossed my mind.  But once you are on a path that is right for you the Existence itself will visualize for you and these visions will be way more exciting that anything you can imagine in the beginning of the journey.  Who knows but maybe some extreme travelling is in my future?  Maybe some of my kids will go and become explores?  Maybe Maybe Maybe...
Let the Existence dream...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Peak Performance"

Last Saturday I started a group "Peak Performance" for children ages 8 to 14.  My plan was to show them different solutions for everyday use in school (for example how to calm down before a test or how to get ready for a test without stress) or what are the ways to deal with some relationships with friends.  I also want to create connections with kids all over the world (thanks to LEP, the program in India that I took recently, I have so many friends in different countries now).  I want to inspire kids to look within for approval vs. wait for it from outside.
Once I was done with explanation of my goals with this group I asked  them if  they can give me ideas on what they are interested in learning.  I heard the word "stress" in 90% of answers.  It is the conditioning taking place right now.  Paramahamsa Nithyananda talked about kids in the ages 7 to 14 and how they remember and process the words and these words are going to rule their lives later.    If father comes home and says that he is  tired after work they will be saying the same  thing in 20 years and not just saying but actually feeling.  One thing I realized also during the talk with these kids that our psychologists are doing the same damage.  They talk to our kids about stress and how to  deal with it and overcome it and what not so this thing becomes huge as a mountain and now you need to overcome it and struggle with it and find solutions instead of just ...un-clutchng or relaxing with it.    By the way I do realize that people who are experiencing stress and hear about such simple thing for the first time think that people like me do not understand the full magnitude of the problem and  that is why such simple solution is offered but in fact.... I Do.  I was there and even if I am not  there anymore I do remember what it is and how difficult it is to accept the solution, you just need to hit the moment when enough is enough.
Well. I am so glad that these kids came and I am so greateful for this opportunity and I hope together we will discover that this mountain is just an illusion and you do not need to fight that illusion, you can actually un-clutch from it.
So many tests show that information we learn under stress will not stay as a retrievable information, we will forget it as soon as possible.
Our kids need to learn more and more and remember more and more, way more than ever before to be successful in the outer world they need to master their inner world.  Would you agree?

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Favorite Quote

"We are not equal, we are all unique.  Equality happens by realizing everyone's uniqueness."
Pramahamsa Nithyananda

Friday, October 29, 2010

I am studying you

I noticed today that my mom is making some not nice comments about different topics.  I can not say that she is an example of an uplifting being all the time but still it was a lot and these comments can be looked at as rather sad ones.  I got curious why she was doing that so I said: "Mom, it seems  that you remember something that might not inspire a smile in many situations and I wanted to remind you that it is not really that good for your health."  She said: "No, it is not about me, I am checking you out.  I am studying you."

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Inner Awakening- what is it?

The program with the name inner awakening is just like the name - awesome.  It is the awakening of YOU.  It is so interesting how we manage to live for so many years and have no idea what our True Self is.  Interesting that learning about our true self is not even a priority.  
We are settled, we accepted, we are fine, no change or growth needed and a little bit of fear is there too.  Who knows what will happen if we learn about this true self?  Will we stop loving our loved ones?  Will we stop caring about them?  Or maybe we will stop caring about going to work?  Unknown unknown.
This program (some of the readers of this blog asked me to explain) is exactly about the discovery and pampering that true self.  It is about liberation from a lot of fears.  It is about leaving gilt behind, it is about loving and caring, it is about Life.    You will not have a lot of time or interest to think about your family or household or work.  You will be very busy with yourself but at the end of the process your family, work, relations will be able to breath around you with joy if they choose to.  If they still prefer fights they will be fighting alone because you will be an observer of the drama but not an active participant and the recovery from these fights even if you have them will be minimal.   If they decide to feel loved, you will create an ocean for them to swim.  
I was thinking about the fights not only because I did experience it but also so much drama happens all the time and the word "stress" is a part of the vocabulary of every child not just adults.  Tell me when do they start to use that word?  Too early anyway.
this is the information about the event that will answer more questions about the program.  Happy Journey!

This past week Nithyananda has revealed fascinating new lessons about Karma, healing, anti-aging, and how your life path is revealed in the very structure of your DNA!
So to make you experience these new Truths, Parmahamsa Nithyananda has declared that the Inner Awakening Program this Dec 1st will be actively using new initiations, healings, and meditations.  
So how does it work, to what specific aspects of your life it will transform.
THIS SUNDAY Oct 31st is the first-ever online Inner Awakening "Open House," where you will learn about these new lessons from Nithyananda, and go on a virtual tour of Inner Awakening.  If you've already decided to go to Inner Awakening, are considering it, or just want more "insider secrets" this will be a great 60 minutes for you.  There will be a Live uncensored Q&A session for you to receive direct personal guidance from Swami Sri Nithya Sachitananda, so bring any and all questions!
>> click here for info on the "IA Open House" online event
This is a FREE interactive online event hosted especially for you by the senior-most Swami disciples of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, where you will learn more about the upcoming program and get a chance to ask any and all questions.  
WHEN: Sunday, Oct 31st / 10:00am PST -- (1:00pm EST)
WHERE: Online Event - click below for instructions on how to join

>> click here for info on the "IA Open House" online event
There will be a brief time for announcements about the new Inner Awakening Cirriculum, then LIVE Q&A!  Due to many requests, there will also be an overview of Nithyananda's recent revelations on your unique DNA blueprint, healing, your Karma and individual Spiritual Pa!th.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Enlightened Birthday

My birthday was yesterday and I had my mom and my son around.  My daughter and my husband were  travelling and despite the fact that they were so many miles away  they were the ones who woke me up to say "Happy Birthday".   My very artistic daughter draw "Happy Birthday Mom" in Chinese characters.
I went to have breakfast with my girlfriend and we talked about kids (as all mothers do no matter what they celebrate).  My son said that he was going to spend the day of my birthday trying to understand me and my belief system.  He is 24.  I was very excited.
We went to yoga  together.
The major difference between me and my son: I love miracles and do not really care for explanations.  He loves explanations and do not care about miracles.  We talked and talked and  talked on the way to yoga.  He could not understand because either I was using the wrong terminology or I was not scientific enough or some historic facts  were missing.  Whatever...  I was glad we came to yoga.  .....Yoga.....We  talked and talked and talked (see the above).  He said at the end :"Ok, while you are at work, I will study (!) the subject.  What is that Vedic Tradition and I will talk to you when you are back."  Funny enough I got very excited again.
I went to work, came to pick up him and my mom and we went to a nice Japanese place in our town.  Awesome dinner and once we were done with it, we started ....yes, talking but now he knew all sorts of facts and different opinions on the subject and I still had no clue about half of them.
There was a short break in that "one day long" conversation for a funny show "Outsourced" and then we ....yes, talked again.
At the end of the day, at one point he said : "you do not understand, if I do not completely understand, I can not trust you.  It means that in other areas, it is the same nonsense. "   I could feel the tension in the air and I told him:
"I just really love miracles.  Swamiji inspired me to believe that my eyes are going to have  20x20 vision.  I asked him for that and he said 'blessings, you will have it."  And now I enjoy being able to read without glasses and I do not really care if I understand the structure of my eyes nor do I really want to study it.  I just enjoy my miracle.  My eyes do not see as if I am 20 y.o. still, it takes a second to get them into focus but I am reading and seeing without glasses and my glasses were +2.00 last time I bought them before the trip.  But what is the scary part for you in that?  If this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone."
He thought a little bit and then he said, "Ok, mom, accepted."  At that moment I thought "It is a real Birth Day.  I broke free from some image of me that he had so different and deeper connection with him is now possible.  What else any (even enlightened) mother wants?"

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Enlightened Friends 2

Another girlfriend of mine who works in Manhattan and travels there everyday from New Jersey told me these two stories.  Loved them.

**The first one was about her son.  He was 6 at the time and on that day she was not in her best mood.  He was watching her and listening to her and then he said:"Mom, did you hear the song "All we need is love?"  She stopped doing whatever she was doing at the moment and looked at him,  "You need to listen to this song more often, I think", he said....

**The next one happened not long time ago.  She was rushing to work, she  had a great bottle of wine that she got for a friend (special one that the other person enjoys,  "A thought through" gift).  Right before the huge and important building in Manhattan, surrounded by nicely dressed people going to work, in the middle of all that, the handle on her bag broke.  The bag landed on the ground and of course the bottle of wine was in pieces... She grabbed that thing that used to look like her bag with a smell as if the owner of that bag spent several days in a bar with very limited access to showers and entered the building.  Then she entered the elevator.  She was looked at with let's say a lot of interest.  She rushed to the bathroom spreading the smell around.  Now she was trying to save her cellphone and it did not work out. Soaked in wine the cellphone went parting and was not coming back.  She tried to save the wallet.  Money and cards smelling like wine can still function and that was a good thing.  She cleaned as much as she could. She then looked at the mirror  and now the big one .....
she said:"Ok, there is a lot to be upset about.  Money of course, I have to buy a new cell phone, I have to buy a new gift, I have to buy or fix a new bag.  It is not the best way to start a day. Everything (including me) smells like wine and not in a good sense.   I have reasons to be upset...  
Will any of what happened change if I get upset?" 
She thought for a second and the answer was NO.  Nothing will change.  She will still have to buy a new cell phone, bag, gift, clean ,  blah-blah -blah.  
So she said"  Then I am not going to be upset"  and SHE WAS NOT.
This is one of the best un-clutching stories I have heard..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Swamiji Spoke Russian, No kidding!

We had an event last Saturday (I described one part of it in a previous post).  About 50 people got together to meditate, do some Kundalini awakening process and then we went live with Bidadi, Inida and Paramahamsa Nithynanada was on Skype with participants, personally asking questions or giving blessings.
My mom is visiting from Moscow now and I was very happy that she could participate in something like that.  She did meet him in New York last year but as we all know when we deal with something really nice it is never ever enough.   Anyway I put her at the end of the line because she does not speak English and I needed to disconnect the headphones to be able to translate for her.  She went in front of him and said that she loved him and would appreciate some help with health.  He looked at her, paused and then said "Tyebya Lublu".  I almost fell next to the computer.  It is amazing that I know that there is no acceptable explanation for a lot of things that happen around him and still every time I witness this I am speechless and have a strong desire to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming.
So here we are:  Indian Enlightened Master who spoke that short but Russian sentence to my Russian speaking Mom who lives in Moscow and the whole thing happened here in Sparta, NJ USA.

Enlightened Friends

Paramahamsa Nithyananda always says that people are enlightened already and they just need to realize their own enlightenment.
I feel it more and more now.  I look around and people whom I have known for years became so much brighter and interesting and amazing since I came back.  I have always loved my friends and cherished them.  It is very much family tradition but now I really feel that they (my friends) are shining more than ever.  No, the reality is they are shining the same way but my ability to see light in them changed.  
Stories:  One of my girlfriends  was very happy that her son was about to get married.  They loved the girl, they loved the fact that he was serious about it, they loved the family of the girl (and you have to admitt that it is important).  October was the time for the big event.  I learned that the wedding was cancelled.  When speaking to her I asked how she feels about it and if she wants them to get married and she said: "It is not really important what I want.  I have no way of knowing what will be good and what will be bad.  I am going to enjoy any outcome our family will have out of this relationship."  She went to the ceremony that these young people created (they exchanged the commitments to work out the issues) and enjoyed it.
Another friend of mine is always working on understanding life.  The decisions she finds are coming from a "conflict-free space".  If something can be resolved peacefully she would resolve it peacefully; if more education needed to make a decision, she will educate herself without complaining and gratitude towards people who help her is always always present.   Is she enlightened?  I think so even she does not realize it.
Oh, and by the way, both of them are highly paid professionals.  How much good they are bringing to work!
Another one is a medical doctor, she has three kids, husband, parents to look after.  She wakes up every morning and starts her day with a gratitude prayer (it is called pooja) and then carries that energy through the whole day.  Is she enlightened?
Real people shining around...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Unnecessary Information

Saturday morning I spend at e-Kalpataru here in Sparta.  
e-Kalpataru is a meditation program that helps to identify your purpose of life or major idea for this particular moment in your life.  It is a series of  talks by Paramahamsa Nithyananda with the finale when the group goes live with Bidadi and participants talk to Swamiji through Skype.  They either ask questions or ask help with some of the things that became clearer through the session.  
I was one of the organizers there and at the end I was standing next to the computer helping people with headphones and guiding them   Some questions or requests are what some people would consider private.  I had an interesting experience.    I was so close to everyone that of course I could hear everything and not only that but I was typing the requests ahead of time as well.  I have a very good memory but I have NO recollections  about any requests (except my daughter's who was asking me questions while talking to Swamiji).   
Same thing happened in India during the LEP program.  We were doing some exercises that involve verbalizing some of the unpleasant experiences from our past, in some cases very traumatic and difficult to share ones.    During  the exercise you work with about 5 people.  Same thing - NO recollection and even in the process you experience something like "partial hearing".  I guess the energy protects you from unnecessary information.   Clearly un-clutched.
Another thing - people's eyes and the energy in the room.  I felt I was in Bidadi...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Is it important to share or it is better to keep the experience to yourself?

Well, sharing definitely intensifies the experience.   If you suffer and you share, you lessen the pain, if you are happy and you share you intensify your bliss.
I asked myself yesterday if anyone was interested in what I was doing and immediately two people started the conversation about doing meditation and life solution sessions for kids.
I also noticed that in most cases adults  get kids involved into something they themselves have interest in but do not do for whole bunch of different reasons.  I guess that was my answer.
I am going to start eN- Satsang (satsang means gathering and en will stand for enlighten )  right here in Sparta for children and young adults and I am sure adults will be happy to join us too.  Having an enlighten child does stimulate our own growth.  See my notes on "Kids".
I also will  try to keep with this blog and put notes here because I know for sure miracles are going to happen so we need to record them, right? 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Burning question

Burning question

I had two fun conversations today. One happened while I was waiting for my daughter who was at her violin lesson. "Are you enlighten?", a friend asked. 'Yes", I said without hesitation. Another friend asked at night:"Are you enlighten? " "It depends what you are asking", I said.
I thought about it again.
I am but I do not have 360 degree vision. Maybe I will develop it soon because it might be useful while driving. Just kidding.
How to best describe the state i am in?
The inner space is peaceful.
I have been facing some stuff that used to make me cry and feel so miserable but nothing that resembles my previous feelings is inside. I am watching myself like I am an experiment. Will there be any negative reaction or just laughter? I also noticed that people get upset if you are not upset and they will try to create a reaction in you or they will say that they see the reaction when I do not feel it. No one (from not so sweet people of course) stayed just satisfied that I could be without much suffering. That was funny though.
I think I will be able to feel them more and then compassion will guide me in my conversations. When they say something unpleasant they suffer and I definitely do not want to be a cause of their suffering.
One good thing was that my daughter finally said: "I am back mom. I am back with you." Enlightened or not, it was so awesome.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flight cancelled, OMG?

I had a chance to experience the effects of the program right away.
India is the country that is not in a rush.  Ever.  Everyone thinks that they are going to be born again so what is the point of rushing.  Whatever you are not accomplishing now you will do next time.  I am kidding of course but not a single program would start on time and not a single taxi would come on time. 
After waiting for taxi and travelling in it with huge delays I finally at the airport. 
The flight is delayed and as a result I would not make the next flight that is going to take me home.  The  gentleman at the counter nicely smiles and suggests that I wait till tomorrow because it is just one day...  Nothing changed in my inner space. I would like to write this sentence again: Nothing changed in my inner space.  I feel a resemblance of what used to be called upset and tell him that I need to be home tomorrow and let’s look at other options.  After that I say to existence; I really would like to see my family tomorrow and sit next to my suitcases.  I am very passive inside. I am remembering now the discourse that Swamiji gave in the morning.  It was “Uncertainty”.  
Gentlemen from the air line shows up and asks if I would consider flying by Air Inida to JFK .  Of course I said yes and aked for the computer to email my husband.
It  turned out that now I do not need to do any  transfers from the domestic airport to the International one in Mumbai.  My first flight to Mumbai is half empty so I stretch my legs and relax.  When we switch planes in Mumbai, we do not wait a single minute.  I also see that the flight that I was supposed  to take got delayed and there is a lot of really tired people sitting and waiting and we move pass them.  When I go into the cabin I realize that I have the whole row of seats to myself (again!) so I sleep, watch a movie and type these notes.
During all of these events -  good ones and just auspicious ones that can be mistaken as stressful = my inner space is the same.  I think about Banyan tree, friends who are in the planes and these planes are going to all different countires carring this incredible energy of Gratitude.  I think about them and my friends at home.  “I see you all soon” I think,” I feel you all now”- I say.

Energy Level. What is it?

What is that energy level that I keep refereeing to when I talk to my friends or try to describe it in the blog.   How does it feel and is it really that amazing?
I came for 48 days program.  The program was intense but not because you have to do so much stuff (except these several occations of 108 Sun Salutaions).  Most of the time you do not even do anything.  Swamiji comes, puts you in a “process” and leaves and you just sit there and quite often sleep.  What is going on with these processes only he understands, but the body goes through all sorts of different transformations.  It depends on what aspect of the energy field of your body is  being tuned up to the higher frequency.  You might experience incredible  tiredness, sleepiness, or different diseases will manifest.  You also go and take care of the body constantly: you take a healing bath, you take an ash bath, you take some neem juice, you eat, you sleep, you meditate under the banyan tree.  Honestly you just take care of yourself basically non-stop and there are some short breaks in between, maybe couple of hours, within 24 hours.
During these short, insignificant breaks in the program I managed to do the following:
-write notes in this blog for my friends to read;
-finished a first draft of the book that I am working on, the title so far is “It’s all  good.  A book with practical inspirations for parents of  children with disabilities”
-created face book page (with help of others) about ashram in Russian
-started a website in Russian
-recorded two interviews about eN-Genious Program.  One in Russian,  One in English.  English one might be on India TV.
-Wrote 30 page curriculum for the Art Part of the program for children, that is called Fine Art and Life Solutions; 
- wrote about 1/3 of the curriculum for theater and did a demo theatre class.
- Taught about two weeks of demo art classes for children and adults with incredible results (!).
-connected with my old friends in Moscow and hopefully they will have one of the internet programs in Moscow
-translated some matirials into Russian. 
-had time to communicate with my family and work (this I would have done no matter what so maybe it is not that surporising.)
I probably forgot something but even this list is a demonstration of what ti is to function in the high energy.  I am reminding myself  that I did not have eight hours in a day to do that.  I experience incredible inspiration and joy while doing whatever I was doing.   Best description is  Pure Joy, Curiosity and inspiration. 
It made me realize that everyone of us can function in this energy if we are given the chance.  Well, right now everyone on the planet has an opportunity to look into that and experience that. 
I think I already said it but I want to repeat again – if you are young then before you dive into life, explore living in the different dimension, you will live a way fuller, better life and you will have much less stuff to regret later. 
If you are already not in your twenties and have a career and kids and house then do a program like there to explore yourself.  You have experienced a lot what our physical world can offer and now try something different.  IT IS COOL! 
Awesome part - You do not have to wander around like Budha for 9 years to live like one.   Experience LIFE, do not wait.
I love you all.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Healing Experience

Last year I came to the ashram to become a healer.  I took the program, initiation, got a healing stick.  I can not tell that I did a lot of healings though because I still had doubts but of course I used it in all  emergency situations and it worked every time (?!)
Anyway, I had that strong feeling that I am going to heal only if someone asks (another passive ego form I guess). So I came here with the same idea.   Several people asked for healing and I did it.  I felt the energy much better than before but a couple of days ago something special happened.
A girl asked me for healing.  I started the usual way and then the boundary between her body and mine disappeared, it was just one energy getting connected to a higher energy.  Amazing experience.  I had hard time stopping the experience.  She said that she was in deep meditation during  the healing and thought that the mediation was a result of healing and  I thought that such success of healing was a result of the mediation mood.  In any event, she is all better and  I know now what it is when there is a connection and no boundaries.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Cobra and other snakes

I saw a real cobra and it was not in a zoo.  It was actually outside of our mediation room.   Everyone says that Swamiji talked to the snakes and it was agreed that they are not showing up on the territory.  I actually have not seen any snakes during my three visits here. I guess this one got confused.    i am very glad that the rest of them are following the agreement.
This place used to be just woods with all sorts of beings living here: from snakes to the mystical tree connected  to Shambala itself.
I saw a lot monkeys in the nearby village and it was not a surprise anymore.  I am also ok with frogs, lizards, ants and mosquitoes.  We do have snakes in my own backyard in New Jersey but, thank God, they are not cobras.
We also watched a video about two weeks ago about mental setup and they showed some villages and people in these villages are so used to cobras that no one dies from their bites.  How about that?  Hard to believe but true.
This mental set up seems to be a powerful thing.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Laughing and a click

We had a session on different forms of Ego.  We were talking about being serious and if it is truly required for great functioning in the society.  My concern was that I feel that I am serious and if you look at all these laughing Buddhas and read spiritual texts or see enlighten beings - all of them are anything but serious.  They laugh all the time and  their beings are so light.   Anyway, I had the experience of laughing mediations before but still when we did them here I did not experience serious breakthrough in my mental set up.  So first we did the traditional laughing meditation and it was fun.  A girl from France who was leading this meditation had a contagious laughter.   For the second meditation we lied on  each other stomachs (of course men were separate from women because it is a monastery) and started laughing.  I put my head on a tummy of a girl with a great great laugh.  And when we started laughing I could not stop not only during the mediation but through the whole day after that and oh, boy what an experience!  And then I had a click about my upbringing.
It is very difficult for Russians to understand the concept of laughing without a cause.  We even have a proverb in Russian that "laughter without the reason is a sign of stupidity."  Parents would get annoyed if they hear "too much" giggling for no reason.  As a result we grow up believing that being serious is a good thing and all these laughing people are idiots.  The whole culture is this way.  Remember how we are surprised that no one is smiling in the streets of Moscow?
Anyway, sad and true but can be changed maybe?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Painting under the tree

Today is a special day.  I am going  to be painting under the Banyan tree.  My two friends that are teaching the art and theatre program for En-Genius in December are coming with me.  I will give a lesson first and then we will just be sitting and painting...
Morning was training again and then meditation on the root energy center.   Whole body is filled with air again.  Very nice feeling.
And yesterday we did clay with kids for about an hour.  We took some clay right from the ground (isn't it lovely when you do not need to go and get art supplies), mixed it with water and did our first sculptures.
Since it was the first time I was showing sculpting we chose an easy object - Shiva Linga (I have a picture on my face book page).    It is a symbol of Shiva and it represents both female and male energies.  Easy to sculpt so we had 100% success!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Another interesting phenomena during the trips to India is that all small knowledge that I happened to have  before about India came to my present life in some form.
The first time which was three years ago I found a museum of Nicholas and Svetoslav Roerich in Bangalore and learned that they actually lived for some time not far from here.
This year it went into the yoga information.  I remember my first book about yoga and Sri Aurobindo and Mother that I was reading some 20 years ago.  It all seemed so far and so difficult to relate but the ideas were so profound.   Anyway, one of the girls (she is from Brasil) took a trip to an ashram and she was sitting at lunch telling a beautiful story about some gold dome and special white meditation place with a city where people just leave by sharing what they can do.  I was listening  to her and noticed that the headache that I was having the whole morning is gone.  I wanted to know more about that place.   turns out it is the Sri Aurobindo ashram and his works I was reading.  check it out
Other place that I loved was Sivananda Ashram in upstate New York.  well, we got books that Swamiji ordered and one of them is by him.  Coincidences.

Two small miracles

Two girls were so happy and celebrating today that I could not resist and asked what was going on.  Turns out that one asked to become an ashramite but she did not sell her business (as far as I understood it was not a profitable business) and so Swamiji blessed her for that.  She got the news today that it is going to be sold and she will be able to cover all the debts with this money.
Her friend asked about her son.  She is an older lady and her son got some mental problem and had to be taken to the hospital.  she gave Swamiji a picture and as always he said it would be ok.  So her husband called in the morning and said that the son was send home, the condition is over and doctors took him off all medications.
These two were dancing.

Changing the energy levels

We are going over the initial courses that hopefully I will be able to teach once I get back home.  The interesting thing today was that I remember how I felt when I did some of these meditations in 2007.  The difference is amazing.  For example, there is a meditation that opens up the energy center that is blocked by worry.  The first time it was such a big deal and now it just took about 10 min to get to feel the opening of the center.
The one we are practicing now every night was the opening of the energy center that is blocked by fear.  It was a huge experience and now it is just a tool to fall asleep faster...

Monday, September 27, 2010

"Thank you for teaching us Art", he said

I am a part of the team that creates a program "En-Genius" which is similar to Inner Awakening for adults but geared towards children.
Topics that I am working on are art and theater sessions.  I am creating lesson plans based on my regular art classes that I teach at my school and the program that was developed when Bakta Swami was in New York.  It is a lot of fun and I have two wonderful  new girlfriends who are going to teach that course in December.  It is so much fun to do it with them.  They are learning really fast and both are saying that it has always been their dream to do stuff like that.
Anyway, today was a first trial class that we did in the Gurukul school (it is the school in the ashram).  First I was passing by two hours prior to the session and kids were standing outside of the school.  They saw me and got so excited and said: "Oh, you are coming to teach us art today, right?"  I talked to them for a couple of minutes and enjoyed their enthusiasm about learning.  Later girls and I went to the school and had our first class. It went well, everyone was very eager to learn and I was happy  that I brought my art supplies with me because I could give some of it to the kids who were really good to get them inspired.
Later I was going to my session and passed Gurukul again.  A nine year old boy ran to me and said: "Thank you for teaching us art today."  "You are welcome", I replied.


Everyone should have an opportunity to learn what I am learning now at a very young age
Then you will not find yourself with 27 years of marriage to two husbands, two kids in  two countries and still working and hoping everything will work out eventually… with God’s help.   And right now I am  grateful because despite the fact that my husband and I are not on the same page on many issues,  he is taking care of the kids, house, job, dog and whatever comes up while I am here.  This does not happen in many couples that are even madly in love.
Anyway, our children have an opportunity to have a very clear understanding about who they are and what they want from this life and what kind of life is interesting for them.  Before starting on the journey in the outside world some inner work is necessary.   Your journey in the outside world will be only reflecting your inner space, won’t it?
Isn’t it our responsibility to create that opportunity for them or we have to continue to insist that they need to follow our footsteps.  What is there to follow, sorry to say that?  Do we bring inspiration  to them or fear?  What our own ideas based on?  What is the advice that we are giving: go to college, find a good guy, get married, get me some grandkids  or get a career, start making money already?  Is that all we can offer?
After all we all have kids, jobs, most of us have money and careers and we still go through out days as if it a rollercoaster of emotions and  sometimes if a person just appears in front of us it is enough for us to get irritated.  Is it what we want for them too? 
I have started work on the EN-Genius program for kids.    Ages 4-14.  This needs to be not just here in India but in every school and in every country.  Then there is a chance for our kids and their kids to experience a kinder, more compassionate world with people embracing each other and loving the planet they are on.

Let's keep it?

 There were three fisherwomen friends.  One day they worked late and realized that they would not be able to come home before dark.  They decided to go to a nearby village and ask to stay there overnight.  The first house they saw was a house of a lady who sold flowers.  She was very sweet and told them that they could stay in the shop.  She arranged beds for them in a shop with all kinds of different flowers and heavenly aromas.  Three fisherwomen thank her and laid down.  And the y laid and laid and laid.  No sleep.  They toss and turn and …no sleep.  Finally on of them went outside and grabbed one of their buckets that they use for fishing.  The bucket had strong stinking smell.  They put the bucket in the middle.  put their heads to it and nicely fell asleep….
This is a story that is used during one of the meditation session for life bliss program.  Nice story , right?  Doesn’t it remind us about the way we live our lives?  Something is stinking and we have the intelligence to realize it but…it is a comfortable stink. So let’s keep it then?

Celebrating Life

In one of the posts I mentioned that the crowd is  very interesting here and one of the girls to whom I talked a lot in the beginning of the program was a pop singer from LA.  At that time she was confused what was she doing and her songs did show that.  The music was there and the voice was great, kind of Jantet Jackson type but the lyrics...  It was like one long song about the same old stuff : I love you and where you are and you are so good and  bla-bla-bla .  I thought she definitely has a gift and maybe I do not understand and at the end of the day people listen to whole bunch of different music this one is probably ok too. 
Anyway, yesterday I was on the computer in the office waiting to talk to Alice.  (OMG I miss her!)  and all of a sudden this young girl came in.  She was glowing.  Not just smiling, the whole body was glowing.  She said:”guys, I have new songs.” 
She took ideas from Swamiji’s discourses like time and space and put them into songs and it was awesome.  Now the other girl suggested to mix a little bit of music from Mystical India and I think it will be a masterpiece.  But the main thing – she is transformed.  The singer that I met in the beginning of the program who was really confused about her future and her music is gone. 
This being is  just celebrating life.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Break up

Yes, another one.
Just learned that a couple (friends of mine) split up. Awesome people, two kids....Ocean of responsibilities.  Thousands of people go through that and it does not make it any easier on them or kids involved in the process.
I know for sure that if any of us took the classes like I am taking now before getting more responsibility and with a little more understanding how things work this incredible suffering would not even exist!
And I can  tell you more, thousands of dollars and thousands of hours in therapy would not be necessary if couples took Life Bliss Programs together.
It is possible to be highly functional, very productive and compassionate and loving.
It is still a dream in my life but I am looking forward to share what I learnt here with everyone who is willing to listen but of course the best thing is to come to Inner Awakening here.   Might be the best thing in many lifetimes...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Banyan Tree

There is a beautiful tree behind a temple.  It is really big.  I was trying to visualize how many houses like mine would fit under it and it seems like between 6 or 7.  I have a good size house, typical American two story colonial.
Climate there is different.  It is hot in India now and the sun is strong but once you are there in the tree garden it is perfect.  I am yet to experience any bad weather there.  This tree has very strong healing abilities and ashram records all of those.
When you put your head to the tree you feel a strong current that starts going inside you, the body becomes lighter and there are almost no thoughts.  If you stand under a branch then the current goes through your whole body and the feeling is amazing.
We are doing a lot of purifying practices that I described in the post about routine so I do experience the weightless body but not at every meditation.   I do experience it every time  though when I go to the banyan tree.  And now, I am not imagining that.  I told my son today that when I describe the experiences I feel as if it can not really be true and then I remind myself that it is.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Can being spiritual help you in your work?

We had a very interesting session today.  The topic was our working environment and how we can bring this different approach to life into our work place.    Actually it was one of the eye opening experiences for me.  The main message was through inspiration and identifying the reason (or "why")  of  your work/business. 
At the end of the day the senior swami came to share his experience.  He lives right now as a swami and a sanyasi  and …a very highly paid consultant for billion dollars corporations.  His wife, two daughters and him joined the ashram in 2004 quitting highly paid job, selling everything and moving into the ashram.   Ashram did not even look like an ashram at that time.  There was a mystical banyan tree and several little huts.  Some of my class mates were asking him how he combines these things and he answers so simply:”I am just in intuition zone.  I do not know how it happens and why they are paying me that much to be on all these boards.”  He was describing some beautiful experiences he had over the years and he was relaxed and smiling and then the phone rang and he started talking about some legal documents and nothing changed in him.    He was still radiating enlightenment  with his peaceful smile and such quick decision making abilities.  As he says: “ I have no idea how it all happened to me.  Just God’s grace.”

Do all meditaions make me feel something extraodinary?

No, definitely not.  I am one of those hard to break things.  I have a lot of expectations as well  and that itself negates the actual experience because I always compare to a fantasy.  But still there are a lot of people in our group who experience things with such intensity that I am a little bit jealous.  Some of them are levitating on a regular basis!
Paramahamsa Nithyananda however knows what he is doing so I keep reminding myself that it is all greed for a perfect experience and  maybe the fear of not achieving.  I do have a Master so this fear does not make sense and the greed should just get lost.  The Master says I got it, so I got it.
Another  thing: he divides people who go through experiences into two groups.  Both groups are going on a  train.  One group travels with open windows and beautiful views and another group travels with closed windows.  At the end it does not matter because both groups will reach destination.  The journey of the second group might not be as exciting but there is a danger for the first group: one might get confused and think about one of the experiences as a final experience and that would throw you back on your spiritual path.  
Well, I do not think that danger applies to me.  Just kidding...

Is Enlightement Possible for Ordinary People?

There is no talk about a special Enlightenment experience in Vedas.  It is Listening- Internalizing –Expressing.  Paramahamsa also said that for common people, householders enlightenment is gradual and it is perfectly ok,  It expresses gradually -  more and more and more.
Paramahamsa Nithyananda gave us the enlightenment experience on August 31st and it was amazing.  The  body was filled with air bubbles.  They were running under the skin and there was a strong energy feeling in Muladhara.  I actually wrote that it was explosion but do not remember now.  After it the whole body was so light and walking could barely be called walking because the weight of the body was not there.  There were some other happenings in the body that I wish I wrote down.
I am watching my reactions after that experience and the only thought I have: Oh, how beautiful my life is or how lucky I am to have it.  The body still feels like bubbles and I do not think I master the language enough to express it.
Now the Master works to keep that experience in our body memory permanently.  I am very grateful that someone can actually take me step by step and give this as a gift without me wandering for many years give it as a gift.  He is saying it is going to be deeper and deeper and manifest more and more.  Just do not stand in its way.  Trust.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I had an opportunity to be at the meeting where the program for children was designed.  The essence is the same as for adults in Inner Awakening but adopted for kids because they do not really need that much meditation and reconditioning.  It was so much fun to listen to the stories and see the curriculum put together.  Nothing was forgotten:  yoga, meditation, quantum memory program, art, music, theater,  self-healing techniques, conflict resolution and leadership skills.    The idea came first because parents who come for 21 IA program want to bring kids and  they often just hang out in the gurukul school but now this one will be available for any child from 4 to 14.    So we were talking about the program and then there were two cute stories about the kids of the ashramites that I wanted to share:
One mom comes to the room and she is very upset.  She starts washing her face with cold water to come herself down.  Her 6 y.o. son looks at her and says: "Mom, you need to wash your face with love then you will feel better."
A fire started in one of the huts.  People panicked and started running around without doing anything useful.  A 4 y.o. girl Nithya goes : "Guys, Un-clutch."  Everyone stops, looks at her, smiles and they all easily take care of the fire.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Miracle on th 34th street/Indian Version

Paramahamsa Nithyananda is going to Bangalore Court where he is  going to officially declare that he is God.  He says if they want to argue, he would enjoy a debate.  He says  this is the land of Advait and God realization is a birth right of every human.
He tries to inspire Indians to protect their culture and rich traditions instead of following somebody elses.  I am sure he will create and actually already has created a lot of tension but he inspires people around him so much.
He made a speech the other day about agriculture based civilization and going back  to  the roots.  I spoke later to a couple here.  Turns out they have been thinking about getting a little farm and quitting  the corporate jobs and moving to the country with their kids.   Now they will actually do that because all of a sudden that idea does not seem to be that crazy anymore.
Today he started a project for women.  The project is called Nithyananda Lakshmi. They let the women borrow money for their small businesses charging 1% of interest.  These women do not even sign any legal papers, just give the word that they will give this money back once they are on their feet.  Usually one woman decides to do a project and then a group of her friends becomes her support (not financial) emotional and  they together apply.  Only the first one gets the money for the project.  The job of the other women is to keep supporting her while she is growing her small business.  Isn't it awesome and also aren't we, girlfriends support each other like that all the time anyway?

During that ceremony an Honorable Doctorate was awarded to him from from Sri Lanka University.  One of the officials made a long speech how inspired they all are by his work and how sorry he is that he did not stood by him through the recent accusations.

I am curious now if it ends like in Miracle on the 34th street when New York court declares that there is a Santa Claus and he is represented by Chris Kringle.  Will  the court really declare that it accepts that Paramahamsa Nithayananda is God?  And if not, I really would like to listen to the debate.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Together in harmony

I was walking from the  temple area back to the class and my attention was caught by a beautiful scene.  Two huge bulls were lying on the grass resting and a black bird landed on the back of one of them.  It walked back and forth until the bull waived the tail with a little annoyance (not much though).  The bird then jumped on the one other bull, walked on its back and then started sliding on its legs as if it decided to choose a snowboarding career.  It would slide down then ran quickly to the top of  the leg and slide again.  Then the bird went to another leg, then it ate something in the grass but without leaving the bull's leg and then finally this black bird flew away.  Two bulls continued lying in the grass enjoying the sun.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Depression treatment/more yogic secrets

Sit criss cross on  the floor if you can or just sit on a chair.  Hold your breath and put fingers on the shoulders.  Start rotating the arms keeping fingers on the shoulders.  Direction does not matter.  When you can not hold your breath anymore,  inhale or exhale and hold again.  Focus on holding your breath.  Do this for 5 min every day for 5 days and your depression will be cured.

Best of…?

“Best of all – find a living enlighten Master”, said  Buddha.

Repairing the eyes

Paramahamsa Nithyananda is known for his healing abilities.  I wanted to tell about these eye stories because they  show how we can miss the gifts from the Universe by not trusting.

He has two disciples, they are both the same age (more than 40).  One disciple asked Swamiji to fix his eye sight and as always Swamiji said "ok".  Eyes were fixed and he never ever needed glasses.  It happened in 2005.  In the same year another disciple was assisting on a trip and broke or lost his glasses.  He panicked because he needed to read the lists of names and ran to Swamiji.  Swamiji of course said: “…..ok. it is healed.”  This disciple looked at the lists and could read everything perfectly. No problem.  In a couple of days they were planning to stop in a town and he thought;”Oh,  I will get glasses there.”  The minute he thought that his brand new and perfect 20/20 vision was gone. He is still in glasses...
My young friend here run into Swamiji last week and asked for healing for his right eye.  He could not see perfectly in a distance but did not want to have glasses.  And Swamiji said .......:” Ok. Let it be healed.”  And….it is .  His mom saw him sitting and blinking his eyes the other day.  She asked what he was doing.  He said:”Testing my eyes.  Swamiji healed them.”

“I do not sleep”, he says

He means that when the body needs to be rejuvenated he goes into Samadhi. As far as I understood it is about 2 hours a day.  The rest of the time Cosmos keeps expressing.  
Ideas, plans, changes…it is no surprise that everyone runs all the time because it is hard to keep up even with several teams working on different projects: some construction is always going on, campus is growing, medical team is working on the presentation of new methods of treatment, darshans around the world, local people coming for blessings,  visitors from different temples, teaching us, teaching students in Life Bliss Engineering, writing (he started working on a autobiography), discourses, healings, working on mission around the world.   Doing all of it while radiating bliss and energy.  Oh, and  making decisions – what a fun thing to do.  
I have never seen anything like that and definitely hope to catch some of that energy.

Another amazing thing (or not) about him is how present he is in every moment.    He was learning to say things in different languages and it was such a joy to be around because there was no adult learning, there was only divine playing with words and expressing divine happiness when the correct pronunciation happened. 
Once during the session one of his disciples brought him the news that someone got fully cured from something.  His whole face got lit as if it was the best news about his closest relative.  Well, he says that for him we are all one so it should not be a surprise, right?

By the way, I am typing this under the banyan tree.  The tree is huge and it always has some special vibration, just for you (whoever that “you” is).  There is a beautiful statue of Dakshinamurti and a minute ago some local kids ran here, then without stopping they ran around the tree giving me (strange lady typing under the tree) huge smiles, climbed to the statue  (it is rather big) to give it hugs and ran away…