Friday, October 15, 2010

Is it important to share or it is better to keep the experience to yourself?

Well, sharing definitely intensifies the experience.   If you suffer and you share, you lessen the pain, if you are happy and you share you intensify your bliss.
I asked myself yesterday if anyone was interested in what I was doing and immediately two people started the conversation about doing meditation and life solution sessions for kids.
I also noticed that in most cases adults  get kids involved into something they themselves have interest in but do not do for whole bunch of different reasons.  I guess that was my answer.
I am going to start eN- Satsang (satsang means gathering and en will stand for enlighten )  right here in Sparta for children and young adults and I am sure adults will be happy to join us too.  Having an enlighten child does stimulate our own growth.  See my notes on "Kids".
I also will  try to keep with this blog and put notes here because I know for sure miracles are going to happen so we need to record them, right? 

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