Saturday, September 18, 2010

“I do not sleep”, he says

He means that when the body needs to be rejuvenated he goes into Samadhi. As far as I understood it is about 2 hours a day.  The rest of the time Cosmos keeps expressing.  
Ideas, plans, changes…it is no surprise that everyone runs all the time because it is hard to keep up even with several teams working on different projects: some construction is always going on, campus is growing, medical team is working on the presentation of new methods of treatment, darshans around the world, local people coming for blessings,  visitors from different temples, teaching us, teaching students in Life Bliss Engineering, writing (he started working on a autobiography), discourses, healings, working on mission around the world.   Doing all of it while radiating bliss and energy.  Oh, and  making decisions – what a fun thing to do.  
I have never seen anything like that and definitely hope to catch some of that energy.

Another amazing thing (or not) about him is how present he is in every moment.    He was learning to say things in different languages and it was such a joy to be around because there was no adult learning, there was only divine playing with words and expressing divine happiness when the correct pronunciation happened. 
Once during the session one of his disciples brought him the news that someone got fully cured from something.  His whole face got lit as if it was the best news about his closest relative.  Well, he says that for him we are all one so it should not be a surprise, right?

By the way, I am typing this under the banyan tree.  The tree is huge and it always has some special vibration, just for you (whoever that “you” is).  There is a beautiful statue of Dakshinamurti and a minute ago some local kids ran here, then without stopping they ran around the tree giving me (strange lady typing under the tree) huge smiles, climbed to the statue  (it is rather big) to give it hugs and ran away…

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  1. Thank You From Banyan Tree. Swami said He does more in a day than His Acharyas in a Month. He Said, Oh Great, Look - The Existence is still Expressing Through Me, How Great!