Thursday, October 7, 2010

Healing Experience

Last year I came to the ashram to become a healer.  I took the program, initiation, got a healing stick.  I can not tell that I did a lot of healings though because I still had doubts but of course I used it in all  emergency situations and it worked every time (?!)
Anyway, I had that strong feeling that I am going to heal only if someone asks (another passive ego form I guess). So I came here with the same idea.   Several people asked for healing and I did it.  I felt the energy much better than before but a couple of days ago something special happened.
A girl asked me for healing.  I started the usual way and then the boundary between her body and mine disappeared, it was just one energy getting connected to a higher energy.  Amazing experience.  I had hard time stopping the experience.  She said that she was in deep meditation during  the healing and thought that the mediation was a result of healing and  I thought that such success of healing was a result of the mediation mood.  In any event, she is all better and  I know now what it is when there is a connection and no boundaries.

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