Sunday, September 26, 2010

Break up

Yes, another one.
Just learned that a couple (friends of mine) split up. Awesome people, two kids....Ocean of responsibilities.  Thousands of people go through that and it does not make it any easier on them or kids involved in the process.
I know for sure that if any of us took the classes like I am taking now before getting more responsibility and with a little more understanding how things work this incredible suffering would not even exist!
And I can  tell you more, thousands of dollars and thousands of hours in therapy would not be necessary if couples took Life Bliss Programs together.
It is possible to be highly functional, very productive and compassionate and loving.
It is still a dream in my life but I am looking forward to share what I learnt here with everyone who is willing to listen but of course the best thing is to come to Inner Awakening here.   Might be the best thing in many lifetimes...

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