Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is Enlightement Possible for Ordinary People?

There is no talk about a special Enlightenment experience in Vedas.  It is Listening- Internalizing –Expressing.  Paramahamsa also said that for common people, householders enlightenment is gradual and it is perfectly ok,  It expresses gradually -  more and more and more.
Paramahamsa Nithyananda gave us the enlightenment experience on August 31st and it was amazing.  The  body was filled with air bubbles.  They were running under the skin and there was a strong energy feeling in Muladhara.  I actually wrote that it was explosion but do not remember now.  After it the whole body was so light and walking could barely be called walking because the weight of the body was not there.  There were some other happenings in the body that I wish I wrote down.
I am watching my reactions after that experience and the only thought I have: Oh, how beautiful my life is or how lucky I am to have it.  The body still feels like bubbles and I do not think I master the language enough to express it.
Now the Master works to keep that experience in our body memory permanently.  I am very grateful that someone can actually take me step by step and give this as a gift without me wandering for many years give it as a gift.  He is saying it is going to be deeper and deeper and manifest more and more.  Just do not stand in its way.  Trust.

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