Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dangers of being with Enlightened Master

Ok, the biggest one is that not a single fear or incompetency of yours will stay untouched. You will need to clean all the mess and learn all that you are teaching your children to do. 
     Every time I say that I am not good at something I end up doing just exactly what I was trying to avoid. Last drop happened yesterday. I really never liked Math. Maybe I did not spend enough hours practicing it but I was always convinced that it is not my subject and there is no way i would ever understand it. When my son was little I gave the task of helping him with Math to my husband and when it did not work out I found different Math programs (although he just got his Bachelor with majoring in Math and minoring in Physics). Anyway, now my daughter is in six grade and I am still avoiding her math homework.
     I was speaking to a friend of mine who is a full time volunteer in the ashram now. She is putting different amazing programs together. The plan is to create a website with a lot of lesson plans so teachers and parents can follow and kids can learn different aspects of blissful functioning (including Vedic Math !). I wrote myself down for volunteering and teaching the program but when I saw Math on the curriculum I told her that I have strong doubts that I am a good fit. She laughed and said that I just do not understand but because I am an artist it will be very easy for me. I want to repeat the words: "It will be easy for you because you are an artist". Well, we will see about that I thought at that moment but now I am actually looking forward because it would be too cool to figure math out………. finally …………after being ..... years old.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Spiritual High

I loved the expression "Spiritual High".  A friend of mine said that I look really good on the pictures and tried to guess the reason.  Options included "Spiritual High".
Then he said that maybe I did a cosmetic surgery recently and I said:"No, not cosmetic, but cosmic".    Awesome.
Just listened to the morning message from Paramahamsa Nithyananda and understood one thing:  Have to start with 108 sun salutations and what I planned asap.  Did not think that I was lazy but now I am feeling that maybe still a bit?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thank you

Gratitude is the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced.  When it really happens you do not have to think about the "why" aspect of it, you just feel it first and then find reasons for that feeling if you want to.  
Functioning beyond cause and effect allows you to be happy for no reason, be grateful for everything and this creates the energy in which your beings feels so light. It is the Best experience.  
I remember the time when I did the gratitude journal,  At that time I had to write (as practice) five things that I was grateful for a day.   I remember that I had to think a little bit before writing the thoughts down and now I get to this feeling without even specifying what I am grateful for.  
What a gift!  God is generous, disproportionally generous because He just Is as one very nice spiritual teacher said today. 
Let all my beautiful friends who still read this blog be blessed with that feeling during these coming days and always.  Of course I wish the same to everyone but you have been travelling with me  and so my thoughts went to you first.  Thank you ALL.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Albert Einstein and Peak Performance

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." 
- Albert Einstein
I was  thinking about our Peak Performance group and also about all sorts of training that people are taking to become better at what they love doing.  My thought after reading the quote from Einstein was that we technically are always at our peak performance and if this peak seems like a little hill at the time then realizing the higher consciousness is the only answer.  Suggesting to the person who is afraid of heights or closed spaces  not to be afraid will not do.  Rewiring is required.  Find the best place for rewiring your being! 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Past lives

This is an awesome morning message from Paramahamsa Nithyananda about past lives and engram memories.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Energizer Bunny and Zen Living

Do you remember the advertising?  Pink Bunnies are marching with the drums.  I feel I am one of them.  I was curious if the energy will stay with me after I came back from India.  Well, it does.  Same excitement and same feeling that I want to do so much and oh, why the day is so short.
What I feel I need to bring in is Zen living.   My husband and my daughter inspired me to take a look at that aspect with all their stories about Japan.  Great Art in every moment, find a beautiful place for all the things you think you need at home and at work.  Is it too much?  Energizer bunny is much easier for me for sure. 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Aha Moments and Kids

My daughter just turned 12 and her celebration was a sleepover birthday party.  I had 8 girls of the same age in my house and they pretty much occupied it all.  My husband took a night shift and my 24 year old son went hiding in his room.  Girls were happy: they ate, watched movies, listened to the music, talked.  In the morning they started to play a game.  They decided to rate each other, actually they were rating not only character traits like kindness but also ...body parts: hair, nails, nose, etc.  I missed the beginning of the game because I was cooking waffles (they all loved my waffles and Alice was very proud of my cooking abilities.) so I did not get a chance to talk to them about uniqueness and since they liked me they would have not maybe played the game but...I was cooking waffles.  Everything is auspicious, right?
I called them downstairs and observed the end of it.  "You gave me 2 for my nose!  Oh, I gave you 5 for your hair!"   Then they said: "We just ruined our self-esteem, didn't we?"  And a huge sigh of relief went through the breakfast table.  "We will never play the game like that again", they said.   
And I  thought, "I certainly hope so and please include looking all the magazine pictures as your standards as well."
What I also enjoyed immensely was the speed of recovery.   They un-clutched from that whole thing with a speed of light once the correct understanding happened.  And "Peak Performance" group for kids made a lot of sense...again.

Friday, November 12, 2010


There is a myth that we have to be serious to do important things.  If we are not serious we are not responsible people.  So every  time a change occurs (every day, right?) or a task is presented we have to become serious about it.  "Get serious about it",  the advice goes.
Well, in fact, may be, just may be we should not get serious and in fact we should just......... relax.
Of course our ego feels good when we are serious and we feel important when we breath heavily, look and feel like serious people.  But do we  really need to breath heavily and feel important to sign the checks, go to work or help our children with homework?   Why all enlighten beings are laughing all the  time?  Why the more people meditate the more efficient they become and  (!) the more they laugh?  What was Agni Yoga speaking about when it said:  "Bliss (Joy) is the wisdom"?
Paramahamsa Nithyananda says:  Relaxation with responsibility is enlightenment.  He himself needs so many people just to keep up with his ideas and ability to work non stop without being tired and what about us?
Feels like it is time to start smiling at all the serious tasks.  Maybe it is time not to take life seriously?  What do you think?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

More fun is more fun

I was driving on a high way after taking mom to the airport and kept seeing funny signs around like :"WOW" I am sure it was meaningful and about some company but my mind was only able to read :"Wow"  (thank you, Mind.  You are doing a good job so far following the Being.)
The other one was "More Fun is More Fun".  That one is so true and you can change the word "fun" to any word,   Fun though is a really good one.  Some talented people are in the advertising industry I must say.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

From Everest to Enlightenment

My dear friend Dheera came to visit for a day this week.  His name is Martin Williams and Dheera is his spiritual name that means courage.  I met him three years ago at a training where he was one of the guest speakers and then I saw him in India during my trip to Himalayas and my last adventure at LEP.
To tell you the truth it made me think about setting goals.  Some goals need to be set of course and some steps need to be taken to achieve  them.  His talk was about his dream to go on expedition from North to South Pole on human power with a group of young people.   He also  did a lot of extreme travelling before that expedition and these travelling included the Everest Mountain.  By the way he told me that Everest is very popular (and for a good reason) but  there are mountain that present even more challenge than Everest.
Anyway, He took us through his "From Pole to Pole" jouney.  He was inspiring us to dream big, to have a vision, to feel our visions, to expand.  As he said:"Once you expand, you will not go back to where you were."   Kids from my "Peak Performance" group were working on understanding their fears and at the end he signed their papers with notes from the talk.  He told me that the  group was very thoughtful and he was sincerely happy that he had met them.
And I ....I was thinking the whole day about one thing.  I did not set up the goal to have Martin in my house speaking to my son, watching him give the Radio Interview, speaking to my students, seeing my friends meeting him in our small town in New Jersey.  I first saw him as a guest speaker for 1000 people and I sensed so strongly that he was different from other speakers, the stuff that he was teaching us was amazing and I had a lot of "aha" moments as Oprah says.   I could not visualize that he would come here. That thought would not have crossed my mind.  But once you are on a path that is right for you the Existence itself will visualize for you and these visions will be way more exciting that anything you can imagine in the beginning of the journey.  Who knows but maybe some extreme travelling is in my future?  Maybe some of my kids will go and become explores?  Maybe Maybe Maybe...
Let the Existence dream...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Peak Performance"

Last Saturday I started a group "Peak Performance" for children ages 8 to 14.  My plan was to show them different solutions for everyday use in school (for example how to calm down before a test or how to get ready for a test without stress) or what are the ways to deal with some relationships with friends.  I also want to create connections with kids all over the world (thanks to LEP, the program in India that I took recently, I have so many friends in different countries now).  I want to inspire kids to look within for approval vs. wait for it from outside.
Once I was done with explanation of my goals with this group I asked  them if  they can give me ideas on what they are interested in learning.  I heard the word "stress" in 90% of answers.  It is the conditioning taking place right now.  Paramahamsa Nithyananda talked about kids in the ages 7 to 14 and how they remember and process the words and these words are going to rule their lives later.    If father comes home and says that he is  tired after work they will be saying the same  thing in 20 years and not just saying but actually feeling.  One thing I realized also during the talk with these kids that our psychologists are doing the same damage.  They talk to our kids about stress and how to  deal with it and overcome it and what not so this thing becomes huge as a mountain and now you need to overcome it and struggle with it and find solutions instead of just ...un-clutchng or relaxing with it.    By the way I do realize that people who are experiencing stress and hear about such simple thing for the first time think that people like me do not understand the full magnitude of the problem and  that is why such simple solution is offered but in fact.... I Do.  I was there and even if I am not  there anymore I do remember what it is and how difficult it is to accept the solution, you just need to hit the moment when enough is enough.
Well. I am so glad that these kids came and I am so greateful for this opportunity and I hope together we will discover that this mountain is just an illusion and you do not need to fight that illusion, you can actually un-clutch from it.
So many tests show that information we learn under stress will not stay as a retrievable information, we will forget it as soon as possible.
Our kids need to learn more and more and remember more and more, way more than ever before to be successful in the outer world they need to master their inner world.  Would you agree?