Friday, January 27, 2012

"Afraid of Public Speaking" from 6th graders

I started an iClub yesterday at our local middle school.
The idea for the club came during LEP program with Swamiji in 2010.
The i in the iClub stands for intelligence.  My plan is to address all different types of intelligence and look at the  things that kids have to face in the modern school.  I also decided to use modern technology and make movies on the concepts, art pieces, etc.  I am using lesson plans and support of the team of educators from Nithyananda mission.
Anyway, yesterday at our first meeting we were getting to know each other and kids were talking about things they want to do or things they want to understand better.  We spoke a bit about public speaking and how  they feel about it.   Almost everyone said they are uncomfortable with  it.
With a little bit of investigation I discovered ...they are indeed afraid of public speaking in front of the people... whom they know. yes, you read it correctly,
This what they said:
"If I have to talk to people whom I do not know, it is fine, I do not care, nor am I afraid.  I am very afraid of speaking in front of people whom I know because if I say something wrong, I will be made fun of right away."
So, are they really afraid of public speaking?  Is their meaning of "public speaking" different from mine or my adult friends?  How precise we have to be with our understandings if we really want to help!  Great "click" for me.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Figuring out Friendships when you are a teenager is not easy

My daughter keeps struggling in school.  No, not with grades.  With friends.  With lack of friends I should say.
Her friend with whom she was really close is now close with another girl and they exclude her, Other girls are not that attractive to my daughter. She says they are "inappropriate" or "not interesting".
My daughter has two other close friends but they are in different schools. Is she thinking about them?  Nope.
 Every day she tells me another sad story about "rolling her eyes" and every day I am saying  "try just to go to school because it is a place to get your education, nothing else" and "try not to expect anything".  It is hard, I feel it.
I do not know how to  make it easier.   I wish I could do something.  I know that  focusing on the lack of friendship or love will bring more of that.  Do we all have to go through the same thing or it is possible to learn from others?     She is such a good, kind person.  She wants to be loved and accepted, she does not want to listen to lectures.  She just wants mommy as she puts it.  But I am not enough any more so what to do?\

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas Tree

I took a picture of that tree today, January 24, 2012 not December 24th.
I was ready to take it out of our house,   It is a bit late but in Russia we celebrate New Year almost until the middle of January so it is customary for us to keep trees much longer but still not that long.
Anyway, I took some close ups so it is clear that the branches look as if this tree has just arrived and is waiting to be decorated.
This tree was brought home on December 6, 2011.  I did the spiritual healing and welcomed the tree to the house.  I think the tree liked it.  What do you think?

Why did I need the tree to be well for a long time?  Well, I am Russian.  One time is never ever enough for us.  We first celebrate Christmas on the 25th because everyone celebrates it here on that day.  Then we celebrate New Year along with most of the planet.  Then we celebrate Orthodox Christamas that is January 7th.  and then..we celebrate something that exists only in Russia - Old New years on the 14th.  The tree kept looking so good that I just could not though it out.  finally when it became just too ridiculous I took it out of the house but took these photos for all of you.

Independence Request - 4

My daughter was not happy today in the morning.  She woke up but not at 5:45 as planned, only at 7:10 am.  I told her not to judge herself too much since it was a new thing.  She said: "You do not understand Mom.  I noticed that when I wake up ahead of time I am fully awake when I go to school.  I am not tired and not sleepy.  When I have to rush only 4% of my brain and body in general is awake so I feel sleepy even in chorus!"
I said: "No worries dear, I am sure you will figure it out.  Let me know if I can help."
She said: "No Mom.  I just have to put a different alarm clock and stop saying to myself that I need another minute when I hear it."
Is it a  blessing or what?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Only Russians...

It was interesting today at the webinar.  We had 11 Russian people watching our English speaking Indian Guru.  Actually we had only Russians.  Never experienced doing Swamiji's program with only Russians around.
Is it a sign?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Independence Request from my 13 y.o.- Part 2

So two days of waking up at 5:45 went fine. Third day started with me waking her up, then her rushing to eat, then rushing to pack the backpack for school, then make up in the car (for those of you who are not aware, nowadays per my daughter you need make up at 13).Then running to the car: backpack in one hand, half-packed lunch in the other.
What happened?  TV.
When my husband and I create a schedule for her, she does not have TV or movies during school days and has a movie or TV shows when there is no school.  When she asked me about that rule I said that if she is intelligent enough to figure out the rest of her schedule I will not put restrictions on TV/movies.
I have to tell you that she loves all about movies.  She notices the actors, a set design, a plot.  She loves these fantasies and wants to be a part of that industry.
Since on both days she was so successful at finishing everything on time and ahead of time, I told her that it was fine if she wanted to watch something.
So you have a better idea of her schedule: After school she has a dance class for an hour, a private violin class for an hour, a gym class for 45 min, homework and other instruments that she needs to practice (she pays guitar and sings and her acting coach gave her tongue twisters as homework for this week).
She was all done by 9:30pm and went to watch TV.
I described the morning in the beginning of the post.  1,5 hours of TV killed her energy field.
I warned her a couple of  times but since she wanted to be independent she felt she knew better.
So many adults have that same habit of sitting in front of TV at night (or falling asleep in front of it) without realizing that it will make it difficult for them the next day.   Maybe it is not the TV itself but rather that "entertain me" mood that blocks the energy of the body.   I felt as tired after Internet browsing around too.  Not sure really.
Anyway, I did not rush for help with sandwiches and packing in the morning.  I knew that I would get into that "I told you so" mood, so I was trying to avoid it.
Will she get it from just one time or she would need multiple situations like  that?  We shall see.
Active and not potential Intelligence is required.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Self-Love Art Lessons

Independence request from my 13 year old daughter

My thirteen year-old is longing to be grown up and independent.
She now wants to have freedom to do the following:

1. To wake up early around 6 am and preferably before parents.
2. Do Guru Pooja/ meditation before going to school.
3. To cook her own breakfast.
4. To do exercise before school.
5. To do homework herself with no help from us.

I am thinking:"Am I dreaming?"
Nope.  She has done all of it today.
I was not like that at 13.  I am often not like that now.
I do not know if this will last, I know that this is amazing through.

My Guru and the Scandal

I have a 34 year old guru.  He is as young as a child on a playground and wise beyond imagination.  He is also unpredictable and does not follow any rules.  He is the one who had a huge scandal in 2010.

Sometimes when people hear about him and do the search on-line,  they find some ugly tales about him.
Sometimes I get these remarks:  "Lena, I looked him up on-line and... are you sure you know everything about him?"  "Lena, I have some friends from India and they told me that he was a rapist.  I am concerned about your and your daughter's well-being"  I decided to write a post about it so if I ever hear anything like that again, I will just send a link to this post.  I would like to do a little something so people do not miss him.

I met my guru in December 2007 and my main message is:


He was blackmailed by powerful criminals.  He did not give in, did not get scared.
He was betrayed by some of his old time devotees, he continued radiating bliss.
He was put to prison for 52 days. Accused but NO victims! He continued radiating bliss.
He was not given food, he continued radiating bliss.
He was not given a bed, he continued radiating bliss.
The money supply went down because of the scandal, he continued radiating bliss.
New charges were created, he continued radiating bliss.
He was released from the prison, he continued radiating bliss.
He could not travel, he continued radiating bliss.
He became the most watched guru on the youtube, he continued radiating bliss.
I saw him surrounded by love of his devotees and by the hate of those who created conspiracy.  He continued radiating BLISS.

I cried when the scandal broke up.  I cried when I read bad stuff that was posted on Internet.  I felt hurt when acquaintances of mine were speaking about him with disrespect.  God save them all.

You have a chance right now to meet an Enlightened being and not just read how someone else met him and what happened in their lives.  Experience it yourself.  Read more about him at under "founder" tab.  Happy Journey!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gratitude to "bad" parents

I always had an issue with how people who were abused in the childhood can be  grateful?
I also thought that parents decided to have a child, then they took care of that child, they played with that child, molded him or her but at the end they expect the child to be grateful?
As you can imagine I was not the most grateful one looking at my thoughts.
Well I got it today.  My  biggest click.
We choose the family that we are born in.  We choose  those who would create what we wanted them to create in the best possible way.  If they treat their child poorly (I am not saying it should be an excuse) then they will do their best to be the best abusive people possible and we, as children,  will get what we came her for.
Or we might get lucky and meet our  Guru early and he will  take care of these far from being perfect parents.  

"She never agrees with what I am saying"...

My husband did not go Inner Awakening Program.
He is trying to figure out life on his own.
He has a good soul and a lot of good intentions.  Without a good training on how to live life and love people, it is not always that simple.
Today I walked into the heart to heart conversation that my husband was having with my  thirteen year old daughter.  She opened up and said that she did not think that she was beautiful.  He wanted to help and said that she would definitely be beautiful in ... 2 to 3 years.  This is when I came in.  I did not yell (thank you Swamiji!)  In the attempt to save the situation I just said that she was beautiful NOW and switched the conversation. .........
His response was "of course mom never agrees with what I am saying"