Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thank you

Gratitude is the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced.  When it really happens you do not have to think about the "why" aspect of it, you just feel it first and then find reasons for that feeling if you want to.  
Functioning beyond cause and effect allows you to be happy for no reason, be grateful for everything and this creates the energy in which your beings feels so light. It is the Best experience.  
I remember the time when I did the gratitude journal,  At that time I had to write (as practice) five things that I was grateful for a day.   I remember that I had to think a little bit before writing the thoughts down and now I get to this feeling without even specifying what I am grateful for.  
What a gift!  God is generous, disproportionally generous because He just Is as one very nice spiritual teacher said today. 
Let all my beautiful friends who still read this blog be blessed with that feeling during these coming days and always.  Of course I wish the same to everyone but you have been travelling with me  and so my thoughts went to you first.  Thank you ALL.

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