Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Swamiji Spoke Russian, No kidding!

We had an event last Saturday (I described one part of it in a previous post).  About 50 people got together to meditate, do some Kundalini awakening process and then we went live with Bidadi, Inida and Paramahamsa Nithynanada was on Skype with participants, personally asking questions or giving blessings.
My mom is visiting from Moscow now and I was very happy that she could participate in something like that.  She did meet him in New York last year but as we all know when we deal with something really nice it is never ever enough.   Anyway I put her at the end of the line because she does not speak English and I needed to disconnect the headphones to be able to translate for her.  She went in front of him and said that she loved him and would appreciate some help with health.  He looked at her, paused and then said "Tyebya Lublu".  I almost fell next to the computer.  It is amazing that I know that there is no acceptable explanation for a lot of things that happen around him and still every time I witness this I am speechless and have a strong desire to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming.
So here we are:  Indian Enlightened Master who spoke that short but Russian sentence to my Russian speaking Mom who lives in Moscow and the whole thing happened here in Sparta, NJ USA.

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