Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Energy Level. What is it?

What is that energy level that I keep refereeing to when I talk to my friends or try to describe it in the blog.   How does it feel and is it really that amazing?
I came for 48 days program.  The program was intense but not because you have to do so much stuff (except these several occations of 108 Sun Salutaions).  Most of the time you do not even do anything.  Swamiji comes, puts you in a “process” and leaves and you just sit there and quite often sleep.  What is going on with these processes only he understands, but the body goes through all sorts of different transformations.  It depends on what aspect of the energy field of your body is  being tuned up to the higher frequency.  You might experience incredible  tiredness, sleepiness, or different diseases will manifest.  You also go and take care of the body constantly: you take a healing bath, you take an ash bath, you take some neem juice, you eat, you sleep, you meditate under the banyan tree.  Honestly you just take care of yourself basically non-stop and there are some short breaks in between, maybe couple of hours, within 24 hours.
During these short, insignificant breaks in the program I managed to do the following:
-write notes in this blog for my friends to read;
-finished a first draft of the book that I am working on, the title so far is “It’s all  good.  A book with practical inspirations for parents of  children with disabilities”
-created face book page (with help of others) about ashram in Russian
-started a website in Russian
-recorded two interviews about eN-Genious Program.  One in Russian,  One in English.  English one might be on India TV.
-Wrote 30 page curriculum for the Art Part of the program for children, that is called Fine Art and Life Solutions; 
- wrote about 1/3 of the curriculum for theater and did a demo theatre class.
- Taught about two weeks of demo art classes for children and adults with incredible results (!).
-connected with my old friends in Moscow and hopefully they will have one of the internet programs in Moscow
-translated some matirials into Russian. 
-had time to communicate with my family and work (this I would have done no matter what so maybe it is not that surporising.)
I probably forgot something but even this list is a demonstration of what ti is to function in the high energy.  I am reminding myself  that I did not have eight hours in a day to do that.  I experience incredible inspiration and joy while doing whatever I was doing.   Best description is  Pure Joy, Curiosity and inspiration. 
It made me realize that everyone of us can function in this energy if we are given the chance.  Well, right now everyone on the planet has an opportunity to look into that and experience that. 
I think I already said it but I want to repeat again – if you are young then before you dive into life, explore living in the different dimension, you will live a way fuller, better life and you will have much less stuff to regret later. 
If you are already not in your twenties and have a career and kids and house then do a program like there to explore yourself.  You have experienced a lot what our physical world can offer and now try something different.  IT IS COOL! 
Awesome part - You do not have to wander around like Budha for 9 years to live like one.   Experience LIFE, do not wait.
I love you all.

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