Wednesday, December 15, 2010


My husband who is a doctor told me after reading a report about my friend  (a story I posted a day ago) that it does feel like the end...She might be gone in several days...
I remember when Nithyananda said  that he was going to build a spiritual healing hospital for cancer patients in 2011.  He asked for volunteers.
His success rate at this point is about 70% with cancer patients and volunteers in the ashram keep gathering data to be able to present it to the world community.  I wish this center would be up and running fast, really fast, really really really fast.
I am thinking that all of us who have family members and friends affected by it or lost to it or anyone who is just looking to do something good for the planet, should get together and help make it happen rather sooner than later.

Accident on ice

Alice and I went to the closest ice rink to check their figure skating programs.  It has been a long time since she took her last ice skating lesson.  She was looking forward to it.  Lesson started, her two friends were there and I was happily observing the whole thing: music, little kids jumping, smiling, red cheeks and noses, sparkling eyes.
Then I heard a scream.   I should say "a terrifying scream".  One girl fell.  The scream continued and continued and continued.  People started running and all I could hear was " this is bad, this is really bad".  I went towards the end of the rink where she was lying on ice.  She could not see anyone and pain seemed to  be beyond what she was able to handle.  
My heart first went to a shock.  She was about Alice's age, maybe a little younger.  I went towards her and knew right away that there is nothing I can do in this physical world but I can definitely ask Nithyananda's help.  There was no way, I could stand and watch.  Explaining to everyone that I am a healer and I got this ability as a gift from my spiritual teacher in India was no place and time so I just started meditation but without putting my hands on her standing about 5 away.
I felt Nithyananda presence right away.  I could not see his face but I vividly saw his feet and my body felt the energy.   The girl kept screaming and then all of a sudden she opened her eyes and looked directly at me for about 3 seconds.  These were very long three seconds...   Then screaming started again.  Now some other people were running around repeating the same things that it is bad and she broke her neck.
Girl's father was there.  I have to tell you that he was an inspiration to me.   He is a surgeon and he took compete charge of all these worried people.  He was  talking to her, holding her so she would not move in case there is a spine injury, he was on the phone with the hospital.  He was amazing.
They went to the changing room and finally some medications were found and she was all tied up.  They left to the hospital once the ambulance came.  I continually prayed through that whole thing because it was the best I could do...
I asked a friend on mine several days after the accident what the report was on little girl's health.  She said that the girl was fine and was released from the hospital the same day...
My friends who went to India with me and who saw miracles on an everyday basis would of course say that Swamiji was there and my friends who did not go there would say that it was just not a bad fall and I just imagined the whole thing.
I know one thing for sure: being in meditation during the crises was creating a positive energy flow and positive energy flow always helps.  Watching a child who is hurt is the worst experience one can imagine. I am so grateful for the strong understanding that there were enough people running around and I just need to stand and connect to Swamiji.  I felt God would take care and ...he did.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Just found out about the bad health issue with one of my friends.  Actually not even a close friend just a person that I used to know and care about.  We did not stay in touch and life happened and ...she is in a hospital and when I read the email about her, I felt that it might be the end of her life.
So sad and scary to write that.  It also makes me angry.  Very angry.  I thought it would not be possible for me to be mad but I can relate to some of it and I guess need another un-clutching dose from Swamiji.
She had and probably still has a cheating husband whom she did not leave and was keeping it together and went through whatever and got a breast cancer and survived and continued...what else is new, right?
I am not  blaming a husband for her sickness.  I am blaming him for not having courage and staying trying to sit on two chairs.  I know God will take care of his spiritual growth and I would never ever want to be in his place.  I just wish that all women would wake up.
Women need to read more of the studies that will show that they do get physically sick from these unhealthy relationships; their suppressed anger gets so comfortable in their body that it takes over the body in the form of cancer.  They need courage to leave the situations and find themselves and do not tolerate what they can not really tolerate!
And to all these men - is it really worth it?  If it is - leave.  Be compassionate and leave.  You are not compassionate if you stay, you will just make her sick because she does not have the courage or respect towards herself when she is with you...  Most of your wives are not Mother Teressas so let them grow, do not sit on two chairs.  It is not even comfortable to sit on two chairs so why do that?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pink Swan

I was driving Alice to school today.  Her school starts early in the morning and the best part about it is the sky.  I  most likely would fail to describe that spectacular show that we see every morning.
Today though we were talking about different experiences that she has in school in some activities.  As far as I see it being in six  grade is tough.  At one point I almost started lecturing her on something and then looked at the sky and ... there was a perfect pink swan in the bright blue sky.  It was phenomenal how the clouds grouped together to make such a shape and both of us just gasped with admiration.
My next thought was:"Good morning Swamiji!  I get it, no lectures."

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Enlightened Kids from Sparta

My school  had one of our performances a couple of days ago.  I live in a beautiful small town with a lot of lakes, a boardwalk right next to the Country Club and amazing views of the lake and mountains.  There is a yearly festival in December: German Christmas Market.  It was our fourth time participating and I had children of Biryukov Academy of different ages singing Christmas songs.
They all did great despite the fact that it was freezing cold weather, cold wind from the lake that made it a bit difficult to sing or hear the music and there was not the best set up of the stage.  Most of these kids did a lot of shows with my school and we always work on the" enjoying the moment" concept rather than "you have to be perfect".  We still practice and practice and practice but goal is to have a stress - free performance. They were all done with solos and duets and one  group song and we reached the finale.  We chose an easy song that everyone knows "Jingle bell rock".  Easy, fun...Well, they forgot the words, then they danced in the wrong direction.   They started laughing and improvised all along and gave microphone to each other and happily waved from the stage.
One of my friends who was watching them said:  "That was so cute.  They did not get nervous at all, they just continued having fun."  And  I thought ; "How awesome is that!"