Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Just found out about the bad health issue with one of my friends.  Actually not even a close friend just a person that I used to know and care about.  We did not stay in touch and life happened and ...she is in a hospital and when I read the email about her, I felt that it might be the end of her life.
So sad and scary to write that.  It also makes me angry.  Very angry.  I thought it would not be possible for me to be mad but I can relate to some of it and I guess need another un-clutching dose from Swamiji.
She had and probably still has a cheating husband whom she did not leave and was keeping it together and went through whatever and got a breast cancer and survived and continued...what else is new, right?
I am not  blaming a husband for her sickness.  I am blaming him for not having courage and staying trying to sit on two chairs.  I know God will take care of his spiritual growth and I would never ever want to be in his place.  I just wish that all women would wake up.
Women need to read more of the studies that will show that they do get physically sick from these unhealthy relationships; their suppressed anger gets so comfortable in their body that it takes over the body in the form of cancer.  They need courage to leave the situations and find themselves and do not tolerate what they can not really tolerate!
And to all these men - is it really worth it?  If it is - leave.  Be compassionate and leave.  You are not compassionate if you stay, you will just make her sick because she does not have the courage or respect towards herself when she is with you...  Most of your wives are not Mother Teressas so let them grow, do not sit on two chairs.  It is not even comfortable to sit on two chairs so why do that?

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