Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flight cancelled, OMG?

I had a chance to experience the effects of the program right away.
India is the country that is not in a rush.  Ever.  Everyone thinks that they are going to be born again so what is the point of rushing.  Whatever you are not accomplishing now you will do next time.  I am kidding of course but not a single program would start on time and not a single taxi would come on time. 
After waiting for taxi and travelling in it with huge delays I finally at the airport. 
The flight is delayed and as a result I would not make the next flight that is going to take me home.  The  gentleman at the counter nicely smiles and suggests that I wait till tomorrow because it is just one day...  Nothing changed in my inner space. I would like to write this sentence again: Nothing changed in my inner space.  I feel a resemblance of what used to be called upset and tell him that I need to be home tomorrow and let’s look at other options.  After that I say to existence; I really would like to see my family tomorrow and sit next to my suitcases.  I am very passive inside. I am remembering now the discourse that Swamiji gave in the morning.  It was “Uncertainty”.  
Gentlemen from the air line shows up and asks if I would consider flying by Air Inida to JFK .  Of course I said yes and aked for the computer to email my husband.
It  turned out that now I do not need to do any  transfers from the domestic airport to the International one in Mumbai.  My first flight to Mumbai is half empty so I stretch my legs and relax.  When we switch planes in Mumbai, we do not wait a single minute.  I also see that the flight that I was supposed  to take got delayed and there is a lot of really tired people sitting and waiting and we move pass them.  When I go into the cabin I realize that I have the whole row of seats to myself (again!) so I sleep, watch a movie and type these notes.
During all of these events -  good ones and just auspicious ones that can be mistaken as stressful = my inner space is the same.  I think about Banyan tree, friends who are in the planes and these planes are going to all different countires carring this incredible energy of Gratitude.  I think about them and my friends at home.  “I see you all soon” I think,” I feel you all now”- I say.

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