Monday, September 27, 2010

"Thank you for teaching us Art", he said

I am a part of the team that creates a program "En-Genius" which is similar to Inner Awakening for adults but geared towards children.
Topics that I am working on are art and theater sessions.  I am creating lesson plans based on my regular art classes that I teach at my school and the program that was developed when Bakta Swami was in New York.  It is a lot of fun and I have two wonderful  new girlfriends who are going to teach that course in December.  It is so much fun to do it with them.  They are learning really fast and both are saying that it has always been their dream to do stuff like that.
Anyway, today was a first trial class that we did in the Gurukul school (it is the school in the ashram).  First I was passing by two hours prior to the session and kids were standing outside of the school.  They saw me and got so excited and said: "Oh, you are coming to teach us art today, right?"  I talked to them for a couple of minutes and enjoyed their enthusiasm about learning.  Later girls and I went to the school and had our first class. It went well, everyone was very eager to learn and I was happy  that I brought my art supplies with me because I could give some of it to the kids who were really good to get them inspired.
Later I was going to my session and passed Gurukul again.  A nine year old boy ran to me and said: "Thank you for teaching us art today."  "You are welcome", I replied.


Everyone should have an opportunity to learn what I am learning now at a very young age
Then you will not find yourself with 27 years of marriage to two husbands, two kids in  two countries and still working and hoping everything will work out eventually… with God’s help.   And right now I am  grateful because despite the fact that my husband and I are not on the same page on many issues,  he is taking care of the kids, house, job, dog and whatever comes up while I am here.  This does not happen in many couples that are even madly in love.
Anyway, our children have an opportunity to have a very clear understanding about who they are and what they want from this life and what kind of life is interesting for them.  Before starting on the journey in the outside world some inner work is necessary.   Your journey in the outside world will be only reflecting your inner space, won’t it?
Isn’t it our responsibility to create that opportunity for them or we have to continue to insist that they need to follow our footsteps.  What is there to follow, sorry to say that?  Do we bring inspiration  to them or fear?  What our own ideas based on?  What is the advice that we are giving: go to college, find a good guy, get married, get me some grandkids  or get a career, start making money already?  Is that all we can offer?
After all we all have kids, jobs, most of us have money and careers and we still go through out days as if it a rollercoaster of emotions and  sometimes if a person just appears in front of us it is enough for us to get irritated.  Is it what we want for them too? 
I have started work on the EN-Genius program for kids.    Ages 4-14.  This needs to be not just here in India but in every school and in every country.  Then there is a chance for our kids and their kids to experience a kinder, more compassionate world with people embracing each other and loving the planet they are on.

Let's keep it?

 There were three fisherwomen friends.  One day they worked late and realized that they would not be able to come home before dark.  They decided to go to a nearby village and ask to stay there overnight.  The first house they saw was a house of a lady who sold flowers.  She was very sweet and told them that they could stay in the shop.  She arranged beds for them in a shop with all kinds of different flowers and heavenly aromas.  Three fisherwomen thank her and laid down.  And the y laid and laid and laid.  No sleep.  They toss and turn and …no sleep.  Finally on of them went outside and grabbed one of their buckets that they use for fishing.  The bucket had strong stinking smell.  They put the bucket in the middle.  put their heads to it and nicely fell asleep….
This is a story that is used during one of the meditation session for life bliss program.  Nice story , right?  Doesn’t it remind us about the way we live our lives?  Something is stinking and we have the intelligence to realize it but…it is a comfortable stink. So let’s keep it then?

Celebrating Life

In one of the posts I mentioned that the crowd is  very interesting here and one of the girls to whom I talked a lot in the beginning of the program was a pop singer from LA.  At that time she was confused what was she doing and her songs did show that.  The music was there and the voice was great, kind of Jantet Jackson type but the lyrics...  It was like one long song about the same old stuff : I love you and where you are and you are so good and  bla-bla-bla .  I thought she definitely has a gift and maybe I do not understand and at the end of the day people listen to whole bunch of different music this one is probably ok too. 
Anyway, yesterday I was on the computer in the office waiting to talk to Alice.  (OMG I miss her!)  and all of a sudden this young girl came in.  She was glowing.  Not just smiling, the whole body was glowing.  She said:”guys, I have new songs.” 
She took ideas from Swamiji’s discourses like time and space and put them into songs and it was awesome.  Now the other girl suggested to mix a little bit of music from Mystical India and I think it will be a masterpiece.  But the main thing – she is transformed.  The singer that I met in the beginning of the program who was really confused about her future and her music is gone. 
This being is  just celebrating life.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Break up

Yes, another one.
Just learned that a couple (friends of mine) split up. Awesome people, two kids....Ocean of responsibilities.  Thousands of people go through that and it does not make it any easier on them or kids involved in the process.
I know for sure that if any of us took the classes like I am taking now before getting more responsibility and with a little more understanding how things work this incredible suffering would not even exist!
And I can  tell you more, thousands of dollars and thousands of hours in therapy would not be necessary if couples took Life Bliss Programs together.
It is possible to be highly functional, very productive and compassionate and loving.
It is still a dream in my life but I am looking forward to share what I learnt here with everyone who is willing to listen but of course the best thing is to come to Inner Awakening here.   Might be the best thing in many lifetimes...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Banyan Tree

There is a beautiful tree behind a temple.  It is really big.  I was trying to visualize how many houses like mine would fit under it and it seems like between 6 or 7.  I have a good size house, typical American two story colonial.
Climate there is different.  It is hot in India now and the sun is strong but once you are there in the tree garden it is perfect.  I am yet to experience any bad weather there.  This tree has very strong healing abilities and ashram records all of those.
When you put your head to the tree you feel a strong current that starts going inside you, the body becomes lighter and there are almost no thoughts.  If you stand under a branch then the current goes through your whole body and the feeling is amazing.
We are doing a lot of purifying practices that I described in the post about routine so I do experience the weightless body but not at every meditation.   I do experience it every time  though when I go to the banyan tree.  And now, I am not imagining that.  I told my son today that when I describe the experiences I feel as if it can not really be true and then I remind myself that it is.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Can being spiritual help you in your work?

We had a very interesting session today.  The topic was our working environment and how we can bring this different approach to life into our work place.    Actually it was one of the eye opening experiences for me.  The main message was through inspiration and identifying the reason (or "why")  of  your work/business. 
At the end of the day the senior swami came to share his experience.  He lives right now as a swami and a sanyasi  and …a very highly paid consultant for billion dollars corporations.  His wife, two daughters and him joined the ashram in 2004 quitting highly paid job, selling everything and moving into the ashram.   Ashram did not even look like an ashram at that time.  There was a mystical banyan tree and several little huts.  Some of my class mates were asking him how he combines these things and he answers so simply:”I am just in intuition zone.  I do not know how it happens and why they are paying me that much to be on all these boards.”  He was describing some beautiful experiences he had over the years and he was relaxed and smiling and then the phone rang and he started talking about some legal documents and nothing changed in him.    He was still radiating enlightenment  with his peaceful smile and such quick decision making abilities.  As he says: “ I have no idea how it all happened to me.  Just God’s grace.”

Do all meditaions make me feel something extraodinary?

No, definitely not.  I am one of those hard to break things.  I have a lot of expectations as well  and that itself negates the actual experience because I always compare to a fantasy.  But still there are a lot of people in our group who experience things with such intensity that I am a little bit jealous.  Some of them are levitating on a regular basis!
Paramahamsa Nithyananda however knows what he is doing so I keep reminding myself that it is all greed for a perfect experience and  maybe the fear of not achieving.  I do have a Master so this fear does not make sense and the greed should just get lost.  The Master says I got it, so I got it.
Another  thing: he divides people who go through experiences into two groups.  Both groups are going on a  train.  One group travels with open windows and beautiful views and another group travels with closed windows.  At the end it does not matter because both groups will reach destination.  The journey of the second group might not be as exciting but there is a danger for the first group: one might get confused and think about one of the experiences as a final experience and that would throw you back on your spiritual path.  
Well, I do not think that danger applies to me.  Just kidding...

Is Enlightement Possible for Ordinary People?

There is no talk about a special Enlightenment experience in Vedas.  It is Listening- Internalizing –Expressing.  Paramahamsa also said that for common people, householders enlightenment is gradual and it is perfectly ok,  It expresses gradually -  more and more and more.
Paramahamsa Nithyananda gave us the enlightenment experience on August 31st and it was amazing.  The  body was filled with air bubbles.  They were running under the skin and there was a strong energy feeling in Muladhara.  I actually wrote that it was explosion but do not remember now.  After it the whole body was so light and walking could barely be called walking because the weight of the body was not there.  There were some other happenings in the body that I wish I wrote down.
I am watching my reactions after that experience and the only thought I have: Oh, how beautiful my life is or how lucky I am to have it.  The body still feels like bubbles and I do not think I master the language enough to express it.
Now the Master works to keep that experience in our body memory permanently.  I am very grateful that someone can actually take me step by step and give this as a gift without me wandering for many years give it as a gift.  He is saying it is going to be deeper and deeper and manifest more and more.  Just do not stand in its way.  Trust.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I had an opportunity to be at the meeting where the program for children was designed.  The essence is the same as for adults in Inner Awakening but adopted for kids because they do not really need that much meditation and reconditioning.  It was so much fun to listen to the stories and see the curriculum put together.  Nothing was forgotten:  yoga, meditation, quantum memory program, art, music, theater,  self-healing techniques, conflict resolution and leadership skills.    The idea came first because parents who come for 21 IA program want to bring kids and  they often just hang out in the gurukul school but now this one will be available for any child from 4 to 14.    So we were talking about the program and then there were two cute stories about the kids of the ashramites that I wanted to share:
One mom comes to the room and she is very upset.  She starts washing her face with cold water to come herself down.  Her 6 y.o. son looks at her and says: "Mom, you need to wash your face with love then you will feel better."
A fire started in one of the huts.  People panicked and started running around without doing anything useful.  A 4 y.o. girl Nithya goes : "Guys, Un-clutch."  Everyone stops, looks at her, smiles and they all easily take care of the fire.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Miracle on th 34th street/Indian Version

Paramahamsa Nithyananda is going to Bangalore Court where he is  going to officially declare that he is God.  He says if they want to argue, he would enjoy a debate.  He says  this is the land of Advait and God realization is a birth right of every human.
He tries to inspire Indians to protect their culture and rich traditions instead of following somebody elses.  I am sure he will create and actually already has created a lot of tension but he inspires people around him so much.
He made a speech the other day about agriculture based civilization and going back  to  the roots.  I spoke later to a couple here.  Turns out they have been thinking about getting a little farm and quitting  the corporate jobs and moving to the country with their kids.   Now they will actually do that because all of a sudden that idea does not seem to be that crazy anymore.
Today he started a project for women.  The project is called Nithyananda Lakshmi. They let the women borrow money for their small businesses charging 1% of interest.  These women do not even sign any legal papers, just give the word that they will give this money back once they are on their feet.  Usually one woman decides to do a project and then a group of her friends becomes her support (not financial) emotional and  they together apply.  Only the first one gets the money for the project.  The job of the other women is to keep supporting her while she is growing her small business.  Isn't it awesome and also aren't we, girlfriends support each other like that all the time anyway?

During that ceremony an Honorable Doctorate was awarded to him from from Sri Lanka University.  One of the officials made a long speech how inspired they all are by his work and how sorry he is that he did not stood by him through the recent accusations.

I am curious now if it ends like in Miracle on the 34th street when New York court declares that there is a Santa Claus and he is represented by Chris Kringle.  Will  the court really declare that it accepts that Paramahamsa Nithayananda is God?  And if not, I really would like to listen to the debate.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Together in harmony

I was walking from the  temple area back to the class and my attention was caught by a beautiful scene.  Two huge bulls were lying on the grass resting and a black bird landed on the back of one of them.  It walked back and forth until the bull waived the tail with a little annoyance (not much though).  The bird then jumped on the one other bull, walked on its back and then started sliding on its legs as if it decided to choose a snowboarding career.  It would slide down then ran quickly to the top of  the leg and slide again.  Then the bird went to another leg, then it ate something in the grass but without leaving the bull's leg and then finally this black bird flew away.  Two bulls continued lying in the grass enjoying the sun.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Depression treatment/more yogic secrets

Sit criss cross on  the floor if you can or just sit on a chair.  Hold your breath and put fingers on the shoulders.  Start rotating the arms keeping fingers on the shoulders.  Direction does not matter.  When you can not hold your breath anymore,  inhale or exhale and hold again.  Focus on holding your breath.  Do this for 5 min every day for 5 days and your depression will be cured.

Best of…?

“Best of all – find a living enlighten Master”, said  Buddha.

Repairing the eyes

Paramahamsa Nithyananda is known for his healing abilities.  I wanted to tell about these eye stories because they  show how we can miss the gifts from the Universe by not trusting.

He has two disciples, they are both the same age (more than 40).  One disciple asked Swamiji to fix his eye sight and as always Swamiji said "ok".  Eyes were fixed and he never ever needed glasses.  It happened in 2005.  In the same year another disciple was assisting on a trip and broke or lost his glasses.  He panicked because he needed to read the lists of names and ran to Swamiji.  Swamiji of course said: “…..ok. it is healed.”  This disciple looked at the lists and could read everything perfectly. No problem.  In a couple of days they were planning to stop in a town and he thought;”Oh,  I will get glasses there.”  The minute he thought that his brand new and perfect 20/20 vision was gone. He is still in glasses...
My young friend here run into Swamiji last week and asked for healing for his right eye.  He could not see perfectly in a distance but did not want to have glasses.  And Swamiji said .......:” Ok. Let it be healed.”  And….it is .  His mom saw him sitting and blinking his eyes the other day.  She asked what he was doing.  He said:”Testing my eyes.  Swamiji healed them.”

“I do not sleep”, he says

He means that when the body needs to be rejuvenated he goes into Samadhi. As far as I understood it is about 2 hours a day.  The rest of the time Cosmos keeps expressing.  
Ideas, plans, changes…it is no surprise that everyone runs all the time because it is hard to keep up even with several teams working on different projects: some construction is always going on, campus is growing, medical team is working on the presentation of new methods of treatment, darshans around the world, local people coming for blessings,  visitors from different temples, teaching us, teaching students in Life Bliss Engineering, writing (he started working on a autobiography), discourses, healings, working on mission around the world.   Doing all of it while radiating bliss and energy.  Oh, and  making decisions – what a fun thing to do.  
I have never seen anything like that and definitely hope to catch some of that energy.

Another amazing thing (or not) about him is how present he is in every moment.    He was learning to say things in different languages and it was such a joy to be around because there was no adult learning, there was only divine playing with words and expressing divine happiness when the correct pronunciation happened. 
Once during the session one of his disciples brought him the news that someone got fully cured from something.  His whole face got lit as if it was the best news about his closest relative.  Well, he says that for him we are all one so it should not be a surprise, right?

By the way, I am typing this under the banyan tree.  The tree is huge and it always has some special vibration, just for you (whoever that “you” is).  There is a beautiful statue of Dakshinamurti and a minute ago some local kids ran here, then without stopping they ran around the tree giving me (strange lady typing under the tree) huge smiles, climbed to the statue  (it is rather big) to give it hugs and ran away…

My passed away step-father dancing

Ok ,  this one might be too much, so I apologize but I want to write about it anyway. We went to the special puja for people who left the body.  When this 10,000 y.o. ritual is conducted by the enlighten Master, the karmas of this person who passes away are burnt and he gets liberation. 
We were told that it is a good time to remember our loved ones who left the bodies.  I started meditating and saw vividly my step father, my aunt and my uncle.  Some other grandmothers and grandfathers were there but on the back of the scene. 
At some part of the ceremony the celebration started and I saw that they started dancing, especially my step father.   He was dancing so intensely in a very traditional, village type Indian style.  I shaked my head several times but he was still there dancing in such joy!  I am going to ask Paramahamsa if it was a true vision of maybe just my imagination went wild.  It did feel so real though…

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Health Tips from a Yogi

I am writing down as much as I can but the amount of information and speed with which it is presented does not allow for me to remember everything.  Paramahamsa started to working with doctors to give all these cures to humankind.

Our body is really designed to live about 300 years. 
-        Food
Eat food within 2 – 3 hours after cooking.  Do not store it, it looses its energy.
Food should be exciting in the tongue and easily digestible in  the stomach, not heavy.
Avoid tea and coffee
-        Blood Cancers – teach your body stay in Trikonasana for 15 min for compete cure of leukemia.
-        Catch time Techniques
This is important to feel and be in charge of time.  A lot of diseases come from stresses around time and another post on aging is a good example.
You need to decide on your major routine points like what time you wake up, what you do next, etc.
You have to stick to this routine for 21 days (it takes 21 days for your biomemory to accept fully something new)
Decide with your mind that it has two options:  Suffer when body is engaged into something or be happy when the body is engaged into something.   No third option. 
Remind your mind about two options it has every time it will try to confuse you.

Do I have to have a Master?

I can tell you now confidently that the answer is yes.  The best way to describe having a guidance like that is that if you have a chronic illness (your ego) and your personal doctor gives you specific medications for every manifestation of your illness until he takes the root of illness out si that you will be cured, liberated.  It might be unpleasant at times but as he says himself: “If the right person tells you that you are hopeless you are in bliss, and some other person can give you a compliment and it would put you in suffering.” 
But all this master business was difficult for me to figure out.  Despite the fact that I was a seeker for a long time and felt that I was ready to meet a Master when it did happen I went through so much nonsense thoughts and emotions that I would not have gone through having being prepared better.
Now it saddens my heart that our kids will be struggling as well.  My step daughter, who is such a successful young lady (picture and interview in Cosmopolitan recently) find it ridiculous when a guru speaks on business.   Of course granted I have not listened to this particular person who was giving a lecture but I sensed in her comment that these people should not be giving business advice.  That saddens me because she is the future.  If the present CEOs and future CEOs do not listen to the advice from the enlighten recourses we will not see the planet getting ready for any major changes.
 I grew up in Moscow, Russia.  Surely it is not the spiritual incubator of  the world but it is an amazing country full of brilliant people.  When communists took over the country in the beginning of the 20th century they started with church distruction.  They succeeded in many ways and by the age of 20 all I knew about religion was that it was considered  “opium for people” according to county’s former and evil leader Lenin. 
So as always, society violates you and installs some ideas and then you have to live with this nonsense.:  How about something like spiritual people have to be poor, church is only after your money, enlighten people have to live in the woods and have no idea about our real world.  All this BS that was used over and over to manipulate us.   Simple thought have to be entertained by our youngsters: if your parents are not enlighten and your grandparents are not enlighten but they were the ones who were teaching you when you were a little child DO NOT think that the ideas you have in your head now are yours and they are correct.  Drop them and search the truth. 
Then the question is if you figured out that you might need some help so can’t you get books and practice.  Surely it is possible.  It is the same way as with any sports.  Can you learn soccer, tennis, or basketball on your own?  Of course.  You can then play in your backyard and then maybe with some neighbors but if you decide to become a little better you will have to find good coaches.  If you progress further and want to  be on the Olympic team you will have training done by the best coaches possible.  So same here, can I learn all of this from books and youtube clips with discourses.  Of course, but without being here it would take lifetimes (not even years) to experience.   I am not in a mood for waiting anymore.  Are you?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

350 people

Will you recognize a new face in the crowd of 350 people on the third day of looking at that crowd with the dim light  (forget the dim light, even with a bright light?)
 Well, we all know that the answer is “no way” . It was the third day of our LE course and all of a sudden he says” Ma, you are not in the program, I do not know your face.”  She goes:” I just came Swamiji, I was late for the program”.  He  goes: “Ok, then.  Welcome”

Education of the future or of the past

We had a very interesting meeting with the team that is developing international curriculum with methods, lesson plans that can be adopted in different countries. 
The most stunning ideas were teaching in no mind.  I really have to process it deeper and do way more research on all of it.  Teaching directly to subconscious mind, storing  encyclopedias inside your brain while providing Life Solutions from a very young age.  Education based in inspiration.  Children with disabilities in our regular western understanding (autism, ADD, ADHD, auditory processing) are thriving in this system.    The school is based in Chennai and under guidance of Parmahamsa Nithyananda collected a lot of materials.  A lot of materials and approaches are from ancient Vedic Science and a lot is a collection of wonderful things that educators around the world are discovering.   Now it is time to make it available to everyone.    
Oh, and by the way: Art is used in every (!) subject.


Today is Ganesh’s birthday.  Ganesh is the most celebrated Gods in Hindu Culture.  Every street in India  probably has a little shrine for him  and other streets have big temples.  :) As I understand he represents a very friendly energy.  He is an obstacle remover.   Volunteers prepared 1008 dishes to celebrate his birthday.  
Ganesh's darshan also was the first strong experience of Paramahamsa Nithyananda.  When he was little he served the food for Ganesh and Ganesh ate it.
So here is my story:  There is a statue of Ganesh in the hall where we have our sessions.  I  actually love this elephant God.   To tell you the  truth, I always loved elephants.  One of my favorite story from my childhood was about elephant toy that I got for no reason as a gift from my dear aunt and uncle.
 Anyway, I never really felt strong connection with God through deities. The whole worshiping a deity concept was not that clear to me.  One day I was sitting in the hall getting ready for the next session when I felt an energy going into my body from somewhere across the hall.  I looked there and I saw a statue of Ganesh:, not a big one, but very cute.  I took a paper and a pen and decided to sketch him.  While I was sketching I felt that he was alive and he did not like all the jewelry and clothes that he had on.  (It is so weird even to write this. ) I mentioned to a friend of mine who cleans the deities that it feels like Ganesh needs to be cleaned and maybe some of jewelry need to be removed.  At the same time the volunteer from the temple showed up and we asked the permission to do that.  The permission  was given right away and a friend of mine removed some of the stuff.  I swear, the statue was smiling. 
For several days when I came into the room I felt the same energy flow from him,  When I was writing down this story a person came by and gave me a piece of paper with Ganesh’s mantra.  Hindus believe that they can put god into anything and create a deity to worship.  They use deities as connections to God.  So Diety is not that important but the feeling that it generates is very important.  They often play with their Gods from early age, they dress them, make them out of mud, praise them, wash them as we do with dolls.  As a result they do not grow up with the fear of God as some distant thing that is going to judge them one day and will punish if they misbehaved.  They celebrate Gods (actually different forms of energy) as their helpers on the way to Enlightenment.  And it does not seem like a bad idea to have help with that.

More Friends

I am slowly recovering.  It has been about 48 hours and the illness went from head to nose, to stomach, to back pain and all flue like stuff.  I could not make it out of bed much yesterday and today I am strong enough to walk towards the morning discourse.  It is a special day:  Ganesh Birthday.  I love this God so much because of my daughter and I did not want to miss anything on that day.  I slowly walk into the room and …see two of my friends (Russians from New Jersey) who flew to India for 10 days to be with Swamiji.   Nice! 
In half an hour I was slowly walking towards the kitchen and ...another friend from Pennsylvania showed up.  He name is Ma Archaana, she is an awesome healer.

Where should the chair be?

Evening, the whole group is next to the healing pool. 
The fire is beautiful, all different colors jumping from log to log.  The smoke is strong.  The wind is blowing.  Unfortunately the wind goes toward Swamiji so he can not really even talk and hides his face from smoke.  Finally he asks a person who arranged the fire, “Why did you choose this place for the chair?”  Answer: “We looked at the pictures from last year and the chair was in that place”.
 He says:”  Decisions should be made based on your present and not drawn from the past.  Past is gone”

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sick, sick , sick , sick

I have been feeling really sick since yesterday.  I have flu-like symptoms and could barely move.  We have several doctors available both from US and India but we are taking it slow with medications.  He said that samscaras  need to be released from the body and the easiest way is this.  So the advice is just go through it, it will be ok.
In the morning, I could not even talk much so I grabbed the matrass (we spend most of the time in a huge hall and the activities go from Yoga mat to mattress when you listen to the discourse or Paramahamsa does the process).  Anyway, I just went to the end of the room and lied there feeling so miserable that it would really difficult to describe:fever, nausea, stuffed nose, muscle ache, you name it.  Within  ten minutes people started coming to me and giving me healings, doctors showed up to look at me.  Paul (son of my Russian friends that has such a good sense of humer) said that he can manifest hot tea for me with sugar.  And he did.  (Ir, you have a very good compassionate  son).
It is evening now – I am still not fully myself.  Everyone is doing yoga around me and I am just typing this…I hope all these samskaras (engraved memories will be gone from my system).  If they are not gone and just un-active, I will not be able to hold the energy of enlightenment.  So let them be gone please.,,

Anti-Aging Secrets

The best sourse would be to watch  Paramahamsa Nithyananda discourse but in a nut shell 
Timeless Mind Equals Ageless Body!

We need to make ourslelves light base then the body will not be tired, it will function in a higher frequency like Mahavar Babaji in Himalayas.  They say he resides there for a thousand years and was last seen sometime in 1940s in the market with his feet above the ground.
I hope to come back looking 20 years younger.  I would enjoy it so much.
This is a story I wanted to share:  We are not allowed to take pictures inside the ashram but I will try to take a picture of that lady when we go visit some temple.  Here is why – I was sitting on the mat and looking around and one  girl caught my eye by absolutely radiant beauty and youth.    The only thing that did not match the whole picture was her grey hair.  I enjoyed watching her and forgot about it.  The next day another friend of mine said:  Have you noticed what happened to this lady?  Turns out she is 70 years old and she looks as if she is ….30. 
Anyway the formular is this -   Beginning/      Sponaneus Past (SP)//  Confused Future (CF)    -End
                                                                           Chronological Past //  Chronological Future

So once SP is higher than CF , your body is more prana base, joyfull base and the years can be added. 
It seems that it is about un-clutching again…   He has  a discourse of un-clutching on youtube.                                 

Do they ever sleep?

One of the things that I am trying to understand is the ashramites rotuine.  Or maybe lack of it.   When I came here three years ago and saw whole bunch of young man and women running around the ashram, smiling, I learned that  they sleep between two and four hours a day.  I was in shock.  How can you function at all?!  The secret is in the quality of sleep as I figured out this time.  When they go to bed they actually fall asleep right away and when they open their eyes they immediately wake up.  They do not have snooze buttons.
Most of ashramites have higher degrees and have some valuable skills.  When they work they really seem to enjoy it.
And they switch between the activities with ease.  I was sitting in the office writing e-mails with a lot of people working around me.  All of a sudden they all closed their laptops and left.  I got curious and followed them.  Turns out Paramahamsa Nityananda started the outdoor games and festival for Krishna’s birthday.  One second ago there were all so deeply involved in their work and the next second they were laughing and splashing each other with water and trying to win candy.  That is the true un-clutched state that he talks so much about.
One thing is definite – I feel so grateful for them for all their work here.  They have Swamiji’s mission in their hearts and they will do whatever it takes for the mission.    Someone said something like: “if these housekeeping arrangements are not improved then you (the ashram_) will not be able to host so many westerners.  In all honesty, India has its own way of housekeeping and it may not be what we are accustomed to but one thing is certain – all of them are doing 20 to 22 hours of work daily for the mission and they are laughing and smiling while helping us.  Pretty amazing!

What is the crowd here?

So what is the crowd here?  Professions vary and there are representatives of almost all areas of life.  There a pop singer from California, winner of Emy Award make up artist, artists, teachers, engineers, musicians, yoga instructors.  
Countries – India, US, UK, Germany, New Zealand, China, Russia (well not sure about it because two Russians live in NJ actually), Poland, Czeck Republic, Slovakia, Turkey,  Spain and Mexico.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What is the goal?

We had a great discourse today in the morning that summarized all we are doing here.
Paramahamsa Nithyananda said that we need to have a Yogic body, Vedic mind and Zen living.
So short but so awesome, right?
I am definitely struggling with yogic body.  I can not be in lotus and I am not (shame on me) standing on my head yet.  Honestly, I am not really sure I will.   But I want to give another awesome example of being in this energy field - it is almost a tradition now to do 108 Sun Salutations.  No one even complains because it feels amazing, the breath just takes you into every movement.  Some people in our  group are much older or sick and they too can go through most of it.  Another funny thing happened, I can actually put my leg over my shoulder now.  I can not do much with it and it is definitely does not look pretty but I am so happy for me.
I did describe the Vedic Mind in the post "what do you believe in" so basically it is being open and using all available techniques for growth, not being stuck with one tradition.
 Zen living is a beautiful concept.  Paramahamsa embraces the Zen tradition so much and says that he is a practicing Zen Buddhist.  He described monasteries in which he stayed during his wondering days He said that Zen monks are so in the present moment that everything around them is beautiful, it is not a dry order but a flow and dance of existence.    He said that Hindu culture does not care enough about the  beauty of living and that is why you will have such accomplished yogis and amazing energy filled temples but you might see that the dresses on deities are not that clean or surrounding are not clean.  He says it takes so much time to train people to live that way.  I can say that I saw the ashram three years in a row and it is a constantly changing place that becomes more and more and more beautiful. His vision manifests in flower gardens all over the ashram, alleys with trees, beautiful lansdcapes. Maybe it is better to see the pictures on the website than put one thousand words. They have a web tv there too so you can see some of the things here.

It feels that someone always knows

Yesterday I was performing a special ceremony for the well being of my family.  One of the main things for me was to ask for my husband's healing.  He had so much of different things during last year but he is young and i certainly hope will be around for a long long time.  Anyway,  he is not really into all this spirituality (i hope not yet) but I felt so strongly that  the prayer to Cosmos should be from him.  Anyway, I am the second best thing in that instance so I decided it is ok.  The ceremony started and the priest went on reading names and I heard: "and this is,from Maxim and his family"  The priest read the thing as if my husband ordered the prayer himself...

Monday, September 6, 2010

What is our routine here at LE program?

As everything with Paramahamsa Nithyananda, nothing is going to turn to a routine.  His ashramites say “With Master it is a rollercoaster only”.
Several things happen everyday but they are never ever the same.
Yoga – Every day the yoga class is a little bit different. It: might be a different sequence or different asanas for the day because of the mediation techniques.  One day we started a yoga session with our yoga teacher playing drums!  He was improvising while we were doing some awesome warm up things.   It is also different depending on the time of the day we are doing our practice.  The depth of my understanding of the yoga movements is really enjoyable.  The only thing – I am still not in lotus and a lot of yogic powers do require this. By the way Swamiji said “Do you know how to determine the real yogi?  Only when a yogi can go into full lotus without using their hands they can claim that they are yogis.”  Well, with hands, without hands I am in 1/8th of lotus if this measurement exists.  Also I roll on the ground before breakfast to cleans the liver.  The first time I got so nauseous but it is getting better.   After that and before breakfast we have neem juice (quite bitter but I do not mind.  It is actually some kind of herbal tea that works on digestion)
Ash bath – we are applying some herbal ash, we rub it into the skin all over the body.  Some people shaved their heads to make sure they cover all body. We have an air bag underneath every hair follicle and they need to be filled with air.   He said to the ashrimite girls , "please do not shave or we will get in trouble again; they will say that we are some kind of cult".  When I was in Himalyas in 2008 I saw a lot of siddhus who were covered in ash so at least now I understand why they were doing it.  We go to a healing pool to wash it off.  Healing pool is a huge structure with a 21 fool Shiva Linga in the middle that is made of 1008 herbs and sprinkles around it.  It is supposed to be very very healing.
Meditation – Always always unpredictable.  So far people cry, fly, shake, laugh, you name it.  He says that he is changing our mental set up. I surely hope so.
Pranayama – the one I experienced was really difficult.  You inhale till the point when you can not inhale any more and then you hold till you are almost fainting and then you exhale till the point when you have nothing left and then you hold till the point that you feel it the end of everything.  He said that inhale is a greed and exhale is fear.  With practice and His help we managed inhale but exhale............................................
Discourses - One is in the morning, it is called "morning message" and one is at night on yoga sutras

Why Nithyananda?

Amazing experiences. “I have been practicing meditation for over 15 years, I do yoga everyday and my body is as flexible as a body of a nine year old. I did mediation for about 12 hours but never ever experienced anything like that state of being and that depth of meditation that I experienced in his presence,”, said one of the older participants of our group. You can sit by yourself for a long time but when you meditate in his presence, the experience is totally different. Being around a Living Incarnation is something that is really difficult to describe. I will give examples in a separate post.
Personal Connection Choosing whom to listen to is one of the key factors because if you do not have a connection, the knowledge will just stay as dry information and might not penetrate your being. Connection is when every word makes sense and questions get answered before they are asked.
Amazing simplicity of the teachings. I loved Buddhist tradition for that reason and so having Nithyananda who is teaching in that same style – clear, simple, straight. But he is alive, he is present, you can see him, get Darshan from him, ask him questions. He promotes Vedic Tradition which embraces all masters from all religions and says that he himself is a practicing Zen Buddist.
Global Vision/Mission – He wants to change the consciousness of the world.He wants to do it Now because there is urgency to it. He says that he came to the planet with a mission to save humankind, to help enlighten beings evolve, to make our life easier, to make a transition smoother. He himself did not need to struggle for enlightenment. He got his experience at the tender age of 12.He can though transfer the experience. You will feel it when you meet him... I always wanted to do something amazing for the world and his goal of having 2 million enlightened beings in 2 years sounds pretty amazing. I am experiencing his techniques so yes, he can do it and he just needs to inspire us, ordinary human beings to help him to help us. Sounds funny, right? You need to listen to his message about 2012…And he says it in a very simple way:”I am not interested in having a hundred people having good experiences, I am interested in raising consciousness of the planet. Are you in?”

Sunday, September 5, 2010


We started a process on prana balancing.  It is very elaborate but still some clarification of technical knowledge needed:  A very nice acharya (teacher) is giving this session.   I drifted away in my thoughts between all the sukshas and dikshas  (I am trying to say that there is a lot of  terminology that I am just learning) and the moment I came back I heard: "...Then you become established in Advait, beyond duality.  No world exist, no you exists.  " She stops and looks at a person who asked a question and goes: "Right?  Does it make sense?"...

We are doing pranayma or breathing practice. All of us are sweating like pigs.  I have been to many yoga studios and yoga retreats.  I have never ever experienced anything like that.  
Paramahamsa Nithyananda stops us:  "What is that?   The whole group is not catching. Let's just take a break."  The ashramite (a person who lives in the ashram full time)  asks if it is ok for us to have lunch before we do pranayama.  Swamiji goes:  "What pranyama they are doing?  It is just a little nose blowing!".

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wisdom comes with age?

We are sitting around the fire at night near the healing pool with a huge shivalinga, black palm trees with a blue and grey sky as a backdrop.  Swamiji is here with us listening to the participants improvising on the flute and drums. The music is amazing and as with every improvisation gives you the feeling of being inside the moment even more.
I turned  to the guy next to me and said: "Isn't is surreal?"  He thought for a second: "No, this is real and the rest is surreal."
He is 25, my friend's son....
Another funny one:
We were doing laughing meditation (it was not just laughing mediation, it was actually a long process and laughing part was one part of the process).  Anyway, at lunch I was sitting next to him and mentioned  that I could not really do laughing part very well.  He said: "Of course, Russians laugh only if it is  bad or really bad."  and ...I started laughing...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Am I flying or not yet?

I am still not able to understand or to find explanation that would satisfy any rational (or may i say 'dry" ) mind but this what happened :

Morning.  There is a garden here with a banyan  tree and there is a black granite platform used for meditation in front of the tree.  When my friend and I came there, we saw two sand footprints of Swamiji in the middle of the whole floor and no footprints leading to them.  My friend wanted to take a picture and I went towards the Temple area to get a photographer and at that moment I saw Paramahamsa Nithyananda in a prayer in front of Shiva Diety and at that moment, time has stopped and for a second I lost my body weight completely.  When I felt it again I was standing like a ballerina, on my toes but without any ballet slippers.  I slowly came down... 

Am I going to levitate?

The Program is very intense, we are working on balancing five different energies in the body to be healthy, conflict free, to live enlightement.
The first energy we are balancing is called samana.  By product or side effect of the balanced energy is levitation or flying.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda (everyone one calls him Swamiji) keeps saying that it is not important if you go up in the air or not  but I really really want to experience even for one second.   True levitation is one unit of time raising up, more than four units of time in the air and one unit going down.

Since the process started we are in three groups: first group was able to lift off the ground for several seconds right away (you can try it yourselves to see that you can not really do it at will), second group was able to psychologically experience the lift and the third one is 'Nothing"  Well, Alice (my 11 y.o. daugher) would be upset probably because I am in that third one.  We laugh about it and call ourselves "really grounded ones" and "potted plants".  With every process the experience goes deeper and now the first group got some more people from the second one and they are laughing in the air, the second one makes some sounds and looks quite happy and we, the grounded ones, were made to do a total of 216 sun salutations yesterday in one day on top of the rest of the stuff to balance that "samana", then Swamiji gave us darshan so I am hopeful.  Oh, and by the way three of my friends are in the first group now...

I was thinking today that the fact that I am sitting and seriously thinking about flying is absolutely totally amazing.  
by the way, the next energy is prana and Swamiji told us that balanced prana allows to walk on water.....

The only thing that can make my day better here is to have my family with me her but I guess everything happens how it supposed to happen and maybe one day I will bring them here too.

What do you believe in?

What do you say when people ask you about your religion and you have no clue that what you believe does exist as a way of life?    I used to say: “I am spiritual but do not belong to any one particular religion”.   Or a cute one ---" I am a Buddhist but I still believe in Jesus"
My daughter and son used to ask for one simple way to answer the question and the above said was all I could come up with.
If you are like me you would be happy to know that there is a name for it.  It is called Vedic Tradition.  And thank God that now I finally have a name for what I believe in.  I can celebrate Jesus and I can celebrate Buddha and I do not feel that I am betraying anyone.
My Master Paramahamsa Nithyanada gave me that beautiful truth.
How can you really compare Incarnations? Why on earth do we always have to choose?  Why can it not be all inclusive?
So here, I love you Lord Jesus, I love you My dear Buddha and I love you Krishna, Shiva and all of you whom I do not know yet….