Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I had an opportunity to be at the meeting where the program for children was designed.  The essence is the same as for adults in Inner Awakening but adopted for kids because they do not really need that much meditation and reconditioning.  It was so much fun to listen to the stories and see the curriculum put together.  Nothing was forgotten:  yoga, meditation, quantum memory program, art, music, theater,  self-healing techniques, conflict resolution and leadership skills.    The idea came first because parents who come for 21 IA program want to bring kids and  they often just hang out in the gurukul school but now this one will be available for any child from 4 to 14.    So we were talking about the program and then there were two cute stories about the kids of the ashramites that I wanted to share:
One mom comes to the room and she is very upset.  She starts washing her face with cold water to come herself down.  Her 6 y.o. son looks at her and says: "Mom, you need to wash your face with love then you will feel better."
A fire started in one of the huts.  People panicked and started running around without doing anything useful.  A 4 y.o. girl Nithya goes : "Guys, Un-clutch."  Everyone stops, looks at her, smiles and they all easily take care of the fire.

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