Monday, September 20, 2010

Miracle on th 34th street/Indian Version

Paramahamsa Nithyananda is going to Bangalore Court where he is  going to officially declare that he is God.  He says if they want to argue, he would enjoy a debate.  He says  this is the land of Advait and God realization is a birth right of every human.
He tries to inspire Indians to protect their culture and rich traditions instead of following somebody elses.  I am sure he will create and actually already has created a lot of tension but he inspires people around him so much.
He made a speech the other day about agriculture based civilization and going back  to  the roots.  I spoke later to a couple here.  Turns out they have been thinking about getting a little farm and quitting  the corporate jobs and moving to the country with their kids.   Now they will actually do that because all of a sudden that idea does not seem to be that crazy anymore.
Today he started a project for women.  The project is called Nithyananda Lakshmi. They let the women borrow money for their small businesses charging 1% of interest.  These women do not even sign any legal papers, just give the word that they will give this money back once they are on their feet.  Usually one woman decides to do a project and then a group of her friends becomes her support (not financial) emotional and  they together apply.  Only the first one gets the money for the project.  The job of the other women is to keep supporting her while she is growing her small business.  Isn't it awesome and also aren't we, girlfriends support each other like that all the time anyway?

During that ceremony an Honorable Doctorate was awarded to him from from Sri Lanka University.  One of the officials made a long speech how inspired they all are by his work and how sorry he is that he did not stood by him through the recent accusations.

I am curious now if it ends like in Miracle on the 34th street when New York court declares that there is a Santa Claus and he is represented by Chris Kringle.  Will  the court really declare that it accepts that Paramahamsa Nithayananda is God?  And if not, I really would like to listen to the debate.

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