Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Accident on ice

Alice and I went to the closest ice rink to check their figure skating programs.  It has been a long time since she took her last ice skating lesson.  She was looking forward to it.  Lesson started, her two friends were there and I was happily observing the whole thing: music, little kids jumping, smiling, red cheeks and noses, sparkling eyes.
Then I heard a scream.   I should say "a terrifying scream".  One girl fell.  The scream continued and continued and continued.  People started running and all I could hear was " this is bad, this is really bad".  I went towards the end of the rink where she was lying on ice.  She could not see anyone and pain seemed to  be beyond what she was able to handle.  
My heart first went to a shock.  She was about Alice's age, maybe a little younger.  I went towards her and knew right away that there is nothing I can do in this physical world but I can definitely ask Nithyananda's help.  There was no way, I could stand and watch.  Explaining to everyone that I am a healer and I got this ability as a gift from my spiritual teacher in India was no place and time so I just started meditation but without putting my hands on her standing about 5 away.
I felt Nithyananda presence right away.  I could not see his face but I vividly saw his feet and my body felt the energy.   The girl kept screaming and then all of a sudden she opened her eyes and looked directly at me for about 3 seconds.  These were very long three seconds...   Then screaming started again.  Now some other people were running around repeating the same things that it is bad and she broke her neck.
Girl's father was there.  I have to tell you that he was an inspiration to me.   He is a surgeon and he took compete charge of all these worried people.  He was  talking to her, holding her so she would not move in case there is a spine injury, he was on the phone with the hospital.  He was amazing.
They went to the changing room and finally some medications were found and she was all tied up.  They left to the hospital once the ambulance came.  I continually prayed through that whole thing because it was the best I could do...
I asked a friend on mine several days after the accident what the report was on little girl's health.  She said that the girl was fine and was released from the hospital the same day...
My friends who went to India with me and who saw miracles on an everyday basis would of course say that Swamiji was there and my friends who did not go there would say that it was just not a bad fall and I just imagined the whole thing.
I know one thing for sure: being in meditation during the crises was creating a positive energy flow and positive energy flow always helps.  Watching a child who is hurt is the worst experience one can imagine. I am so grateful for the strong understanding that there were enough people running around and I just need to stand and connect to Swamiji.  I felt God would take care and ...he did.

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