Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Birthday Click !

My birthday wishes started coming from  a week before my birthday when I received a present from my mom.   She still lives in Russia and  sent it a bit early to make sure it is here on time.  The day before my birthday some messages started to come through Facebook
I want to explain now that in Russia it is considered a sign of bad luck to congratulate anyone on their birthday ahead of time.
At first I was trying to say that my birthday would be only the next day but then I had to drop that idea.   Too many messages.  So I said to myself that I was going to ignore them and would look at all these messages the next day.
On the day of my birthday in the morning I got this message from Paramahamsa Nithyananda:  "Hello ma. Nithyanandam to you forever. And wish you many more happy returns of this wonderful day ma. And each and every morning while wake up is the day of your birth ma. have a blissful day ma. Bye."
Cool or cool?!  Having a message from Swamiji made my heart sing but then it hit me.  He is telling me to relax and forget all this superposition   Un-clutch,  Relax, Enjoy!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Positive thinking or Un-clutching?

I wanted to do a short follow up on a previous post.  I feel that the story how I saved $3,00 and won $6,900 is a brilliant demonstration how all my positive thinking was still not able to match what Life had in store for me.
I know that we influence our life all the time with our visualizations and imagination and of course it is better to visualize good things and outcomes but...  I feel so strongly now that I have to be in a complete un-clutching mode 24 - 7.  Un-clutching is a technique.  I am enclosing a link at the end of  this post with an explanation of it.
That Un-clutching technique brings more value to my life, way more value.
I did it the first time in December 2007 and was amazed how simple it was and how much peace of mind I got out of it.  I did it continuously for 11 days.  Now I do it all the time when I experience something that we call "stress" but today I felt that I finally really got "un-clutching".  Got it to the point that it is not a practice but life style.
Here is the explanation of the  technique here.  Enjoy!  Copy and paste this link: - it about 2 hours long.  there is a short 7 min version but I felt that the long and slower explanation gives more time to process because it is very different from we were taught all our lives. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Saved $3,000, won $6,900 OR much better decisions...

In May of this year I decided to take an MMI course with Peak Potentials Training company.  I was a bit stuck in a bad situation and wanted to create an uplifting change for myself.  I have taken several courses with this company and all of them turned out to be of high quality.  They always offer great discounts at the seminars so my plan was to get a course that is called "An Enlightened  Warrior Training Camp" for my daughter. I took that course in 2006 and it was  truly one of the  life changing, and transforming experiences for me. I even had a budget of $3,000 dollars to spend on that adventure for my daughter..  
I was excited to go.   In the morning I did my success ritual (puja!) and went to the seminar.  
We all were given a ticket and people at the registration desk  told me to hold on to that ticket because it will be used as a lottery ticket several times throughout the weekend.  
I now have to tell you that I never ever ever ever ever ever (you got the idea) won anything in a lottery.  Come think of  it even $1 dollar prizes or toys at the fairs would not come my way.
When I saw the ticket, I put it in my hands, took a deep breath and asked Swamiji (in my mind of course) if I could please get something that I really needed.  I am looking back at that moment and I am not even sure why I did that.
Anyway,  it was the second day of the seminar.  They had great prizes and so far people won an iPad, a Warrior Training Camp (the one that I was planning to buy).  My number was not called.  And then I HEARD it.  It took me a second to process.  I could not believe my ears.  MY TICKET WON $6,900 seminar in marketing in LA.  OMG.  By the way, I almost lost my prize.  "Peak Potentials"  believes that you need to celebrate your gifts and successes and the trainer was about to through out my ticket (as they do if the person is not fully expressing.  Part of their training/message is to LEARN TO CELEBRATE!!!)  I then ran on stage and I jumped and screamed and I got my prize.  It was amazing!
Especially interesting part:  I won a marketing seminar. See I would have bought such a seminar for myself.  I would have never had such an idea because I always thought marketing is NOT MY THING.  I DO NOT DO THAT.
Well., I went to that event in September.  It was an amazing and a very eye opening experience.  I would go again and again and recommend to everyone to go
Now the my main point:.
If everything went the way I planned it:  I would have loved MMI, I would have spent $3,000, my daughter would have gone to a camp.  And all of those are great but let's see what happens if Existence or Swamiji plans for you:
 I had an incredible experience at the seminar, I won a big ticket for the first time in my life, I was not by the way able to purchase the Warrior camp (several mishaps and lost emails) which saved me $3,000, I also realized that my daughter does not really need a Warrior right now (in fact she is a Warrior!), I got a gift of $6,900 in the form of the seminar,  I had another breakthrough at that seminar and brought home new programs for my school;  I met some new and exciting people in LA.  I also I went to this awesome Vedic Temple in Montclair (I will need a different post to describe that).  Wow.
So whose planning is better?  Should we all just relax and enjoy?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Today in the morning I found a little streak of vibhooti on one of the padukas! Nithyanandam.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I feel I can sometimes function effortlessly: meeting right people, making good decisions if I  take “I” out of the picture and maybe even stop regulating my life too much.
I just came back from an investment seminar.  There were about 400 people learning about stocks. All kinds of people.  To tell you the truth, I am not that into stocks and that is why I signed up for it.
So how funny is that during two lunches and one dinner  I had an opportunity to briefly spend time with a violinist who performed and toured with Fantom, with an artist and a founder of a charter school  with passion towards different educational approach?!