Saturday, October 2, 2010

Painting under the tree

Today is a special day.  I am going  to be painting under the Banyan tree.  My two friends that are teaching the art and theatre program for En-Genius in December are coming with me.  I will give a lesson first and then we will just be sitting and painting...
Morning was training again and then meditation on the root energy center.   Whole body is filled with air again.  Very nice feeling.
And yesterday we did clay with kids for about an hour.  We took some clay right from the ground (isn't it lovely when you do not need to go and get art supplies), mixed it with water and did our first sculptures.
Since it was the first time I was showing sculpting we chose an easy object - Shiva Linga (I have a picture on my face book page).    It is a symbol of Shiva and it represents both female and male energies.  Easy to sculpt so we had 100% success!

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