Monday, September 27, 2010


Everyone should have an opportunity to learn what I am learning now at a very young age
Then you will not find yourself with 27 years of marriage to two husbands, two kids in  two countries and still working and hoping everything will work out eventually… with God’s help.   And right now I am  grateful because despite the fact that my husband and I are not on the same page on many issues,  he is taking care of the kids, house, job, dog and whatever comes up while I am here.  This does not happen in many couples that are even madly in love.
Anyway, our children have an opportunity to have a very clear understanding about who they are and what they want from this life and what kind of life is interesting for them.  Before starting on the journey in the outside world some inner work is necessary.   Your journey in the outside world will be only reflecting your inner space, won’t it?
Isn’t it our responsibility to create that opportunity for them or we have to continue to insist that they need to follow our footsteps.  What is there to follow, sorry to say that?  Do we bring inspiration  to them or fear?  What our own ideas based on?  What is the advice that we are giving: go to college, find a good guy, get married, get me some grandkids  or get a career, start making money already?  Is that all we can offer?
After all we all have kids, jobs, most of us have money and careers and we still go through out days as if it a rollercoaster of emotions and  sometimes if a person just appears in front of us it is enough for us to get irritated.  Is it what we want for them too? 
I have started work on the EN-Genius program for kids.    Ages 4-14.  This needs to be not just here in India but in every school and in every country.  Then there is a chance for our kids and their kids to experience a kinder, more compassionate world with people embracing each other and loving the planet they are on.

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