Monday, September 27, 2010

Celebrating Life

In one of the posts I mentioned that the crowd is  very interesting here and one of the girls to whom I talked a lot in the beginning of the program was a pop singer from LA.  At that time she was confused what was she doing and her songs did show that.  The music was there and the voice was great, kind of Jantet Jackson type but the lyrics...  It was like one long song about the same old stuff : I love you and where you are and you are so good and  bla-bla-bla .  I thought she definitely has a gift and maybe I do not understand and at the end of the day people listen to whole bunch of different music this one is probably ok too. 
Anyway, yesterday I was on the computer in the office waiting to talk to Alice.  (OMG I miss her!)  and all of a sudden this young girl came in.  She was glowing.  Not just smiling, the whole body was glowing.  She said:”guys, I have new songs.” 
She took ideas from Swamiji’s discourses like time and space and put them into songs and it was awesome.  Now the other girl suggested to mix a little bit of music from Mystical India and I think it will be a masterpiece.  But the main thing – she is transformed.  The singer that I met in the beginning of the program who was really confused about her future and her music is gone. 
This being is  just celebrating life.

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