Saturday, November 13, 2010

Aha Moments and Kids

My daughter just turned 12 and her celebration was a sleepover birthday party.  I had 8 girls of the same age in my house and they pretty much occupied it all.  My husband took a night shift and my 24 year old son went hiding in his room.  Girls were happy: they ate, watched movies, listened to the music, talked.  In the morning they started to play a game.  They decided to rate each other, actually they were rating not only character traits like kindness but also ...body parts: hair, nails, nose, etc.  I missed the beginning of the game because I was cooking waffles (they all loved my waffles and Alice was very proud of my cooking abilities.) so I did not get a chance to talk to them about uniqueness and since they liked me they would have not maybe played the game but...I was cooking waffles.  Everything is auspicious, right?
I called them downstairs and observed the end of it.  "You gave me 2 for my nose!  Oh, I gave you 5 for your hair!"   Then they said: "We just ruined our self-esteem, didn't we?"  And a huge sigh of relief went through the breakfast table.  "We will never play the game like that again", they said.   
And I  thought, "I certainly hope so and please include looking all the magazine pictures as your standards as well."
What I also enjoyed immensely was the speed of recovery.   They un-clutched from that whole thing with a speed of light once the correct understanding happened.  And "Peak Performance" group for kids made a lot of sense...again.

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