Thursday, October 14, 2010

Burning question

Burning question

I had two fun conversations today. One happened while I was waiting for my daughter who was at her violin lesson. "Are you enlighten?", a friend asked. 'Yes", I said without hesitation. Another friend asked at night:"Are you enlighten? " "It depends what you are asking", I said.
I thought about it again.
I am but I do not have 360 degree vision. Maybe I will develop it soon because it might be useful while driving. Just kidding.
How to best describe the state i am in?
The inner space is peaceful.
I have been facing some stuff that used to make me cry and feel so miserable but nothing that resembles my previous feelings is inside. I am watching myself like I am an experiment. Will there be any negative reaction or just laughter? I also noticed that people get upset if you are not upset and they will try to create a reaction in you or they will say that they see the reaction when I do not feel it. No one (from not so sweet people of course) stayed just satisfied that I could be without much suffering. That was funny though.
I think I will be able to feel them more and then compassion will guide me in my conversations. When they say something unpleasant they suffer and I definitely do not want to be a cause of their suffering.
One good thing was that my daughter finally said: "I am back mom. I am back with you." Enlightened or not, it was so awesome.

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