Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dangers of being with Enlightened Master

Ok, the biggest one is that not a single fear or incompetency of yours will stay untouched. You will need to clean all the mess and learn all that you are teaching your children to do. 
     Every time I say that I am not good at something I end up doing just exactly what I was trying to avoid. Last drop happened yesterday. I really never liked Math. Maybe I did not spend enough hours practicing it but I was always convinced that it is not my subject and there is no way i would ever understand it. When my son was little I gave the task of helping him with Math to my husband and when it did not work out I found different Math programs (although he just got his Bachelor with majoring in Math and minoring in Physics). Anyway, now my daughter is in six grade and I am still avoiding her math homework.
     I was speaking to a friend of mine who is a full time volunteer in the ashram now. She is putting different amazing programs together. The plan is to create a website with a lot of lesson plans so teachers and parents can follow and kids can learn different aspects of blissful functioning (including Vedic Math !). I wrote myself down for volunteering and teaching the program but when I saw Math on the curriculum I told her that I have strong doubts that I am a good fit. She laughed and said that I just do not understand but because I am an artist it will be very easy for me. I want to repeat the words: "It will be easy for you because you are an artist". Well, we will see about that I thought at that moment but now I am actually looking forward because it would be too cool to figure math out………. finally …………after being ..... years old.

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