Monday, October 4, 2010

Cobra and other snakes

I saw a real cobra and it was not in a zoo.  It was actually outside of our mediation room.   Everyone says that Swamiji talked to the snakes and it was agreed that they are not showing up on the territory.  I actually have not seen any snakes during my three visits here. I guess this one got confused.    i am very glad that the rest of them are following the agreement.
This place used to be just woods with all sorts of beings living here: from snakes to the mystical tree connected  to Shambala itself.
I saw a lot monkeys in the nearby village and it was not a surprise anymore.  I am also ok with frogs, lizards, ants and mosquitoes.  We do have snakes in my own backyard in New Jersey but, thank God, they are not cobras.
We also watched a video about two weeks ago about mental setup and they showed some villages and people in these villages are so used to cobras that no one dies from their bites.  How about that?  Hard to believe but true.
This mental set up seems to be a powerful thing.

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