Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Enlightened Kids from Sparta

My school  had one of our performances a couple of days ago.  I live in a beautiful small town with a lot of lakes, a boardwalk right next to the Country Club and amazing views of the lake and mountains.  There is a yearly festival in December: German Christmas Market.  It was our fourth time participating and I had children of Biryukov Academy of different ages singing Christmas songs.
They all did great despite the fact that it was freezing cold weather, cold wind from the lake that made it a bit difficult to sing or hear the music and there was not the best set up of the stage.  Most of these kids did a lot of shows with my school and we always work on the" enjoying the moment" concept rather than "you have to be perfect".  We still practice and practice and practice but goal is to have a stress - free performance. They were all done with solos and duets and one  group song and we reached the finale.  We chose an easy song that everyone knows "Jingle bell rock".  Easy, fun...Well, they forgot the words, then they danced in the wrong direction.   They started laughing and improvised all along and gave microphone to each other and happily waved from the stage.
One of my friends who was watching them said:  "That was so cute.  They did not get nervous at all, they just continued having fun."  And  I thought ; "How awesome is that!"

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