Sunday, October 17, 2010

Unnecessary Information

Saturday morning I spend at e-Kalpataru here in Sparta.  
e-Kalpataru is a meditation program that helps to identify your purpose of life or major idea for this particular moment in your life.  It is a series of  talks by Paramahamsa Nithyananda with the finale when the group goes live with Bidadi and participants talk to Swamiji through Skype.  They either ask questions or ask help with some of the things that became clearer through the session.  
I was one of the organizers there and at the end I was standing next to the computer helping people with headphones and guiding them   Some questions or requests are what some people would consider private.  I had an interesting experience.    I was so close to everyone that of course I could hear everything and not only that but I was typing the requests ahead of time as well.  I have a very good memory but I have NO recollections  about any requests (except my daughter's who was asking me questions while talking to Swamiji).   
Same thing happened in India during the LEP program.  We were doing some exercises that involve verbalizing some of the unpleasant experiences from our past, in some cases very traumatic and difficult to share ones.    During  the exercise you work with about 5 people.  Same thing - NO recollection and even in the process you experience something like "partial hearing".  I guess the energy protects you from unnecessary information.   Clearly un-clutched.
Another thing - people's eyes and the energy in the room.  I felt I was in Bidadi...

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