Friday, September 24, 2010

Banyan Tree

There is a beautiful tree behind a temple.  It is really big.  I was trying to visualize how many houses like mine would fit under it and it seems like between 6 or 7.  I have a good size house, typical American two story colonial.
Climate there is different.  It is hot in India now and the sun is strong but once you are there in the tree garden it is perfect.  I am yet to experience any bad weather there.  This tree has very strong healing abilities and ashram records all of those.
When you put your head to the tree you feel a strong current that starts going inside you, the body becomes lighter and there are almost no thoughts.  If you stand under a branch then the current goes through your whole body and the feeling is amazing.
We are doing a lot of purifying practices that I described in the post about routine so I do experience the weightless body but not at every meditation.   I do experience it every time  though when I go to the banyan tree.  And now, I am not imagining that.  I told my son today that when I describe the experiences I feel as if it can not really be true and then I remind myself that it is.

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