Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Enlightened Birthday

My birthday was yesterday and I had my mom and my son around.  My daughter and my husband were  travelling and despite the fact that they were so many miles away  they were the ones who woke me up to say "Happy Birthday".   My very artistic daughter draw "Happy Birthday Mom" in Chinese characters.
I went to have breakfast with my girlfriend and we talked about kids (as all mothers do no matter what they celebrate).  My son said that he was going to spend the day of my birthday trying to understand me and my belief system.  He is 24.  I was very excited.
We went to yoga  together.
The major difference between me and my son: I love miracles and do not really care for explanations.  He loves explanations and do not care about miracles.  We talked and talked and  talked on the way to yoga.  He could not understand because either I was using the wrong terminology or I was not scientific enough or some historic facts  were missing.  Whatever...  I was glad we came to yoga.  .....Yoga.....We  talked and talked and talked (see the above).  He said at the end :"Ok, while you are at work, I will study (!) the subject.  What is that Vedic Tradition and I will talk to you when you are back."  Funny enough I got very excited again.
I went to work, came to pick up him and my mom and we went to a nice Japanese place in our town.  Awesome dinner and once we were done with it, we started ....yes, talking but now he knew all sorts of facts and different opinions on the subject and I still had no clue about half of them.
There was a short break in that "one day long" conversation for a funny show "Outsourced" and then we ....yes, talked again.
At the end of the day, at one point he said : "you do not understand, if I do not completely understand, I can not trust you.  It means that in other areas, it is the same nonsense. "   I could feel the tension in the air and I told him:
"I just really love miracles.  Swamiji inspired me to believe that my eyes are going to have  20x20 vision.  I asked him for that and he said 'blessings, you will have it."  And now I enjoy being able to read without glasses and I do not really care if I understand the structure of my eyes nor do I really want to study it.  I just enjoy my miracle.  My eyes do not see as if I am 20 y.o. still, it takes a second to get them into focus but I am reading and seeing without glasses and my glasses were +2.00 last time I bought them before the trip.  But what is the scary part for you in that?  If this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone."
He thought a little bit and then he said, "Ok, mom, accepted."  At that moment I thought "It is a real Birth Day.  I broke free from some image of me that he had so different and deeper connection with him is now possible.  What else any (even enlightened) mother wants?"

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