Monday, September 27, 2010

Let's keep it?

 There were three fisherwomen friends.  One day they worked late and realized that they would not be able to come home before dark.  They decided to go to a nearby village and ask to stay there overnight.  The first house they saw was a house of a lady who sold flowers.  She was very sweet and told them that they could stay in the shop.  She arranged beds for them in a shop with all kinds of different flowers and heavenly aromas.  Three fisherwomen thank her and laid down.  And the y laid and laid and laid.  No sleep.  They toss and turn and …no sleep.  Finally on of them went outside and grabbed one of their buckets that they use for fishing.  The bucket had strong stinking smell.  They put the bucket in the middle.  put their heads to it and nicely fell asleep….
This is a story that is used during one of the meditation session for life bliss program.  Nice story , right?  Doesn’t it remind us about the way we live our lives?  Something is stinking and we have the intelligence to realize it but…it is a comfortable stink. So let’s keep it then?

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