Saturday, October 23, 2010

Enlightened Friends 2

Another girlfriend of mine who works in Manhattan and travels there everyday from New Jersey told me these two stories.  Loved them.

**The first one was about her son.  He was 6 at the time and on that day she was not in her best mood.  He was watching her and listening to her and then he said:"Mom, did you hear the song "All we need is love?"  She stopped doing whatever she was doing at the moment and looked at him,  "You need to listen to this song more often, I think", he said....

**The next one happened not long time ago.  She was rushing to work, she  had a great bottle of wine that she got for a friend (special one that the other person enjoys,  "A thought through" gift).  Right before the huge and important building in Manhattan, surrounded by nicely dressed people going to work, in the middle of all that, the handle on her bag broke.  The bag landed on the ground and of course the bottle of wine was in pieces... She grabbed that thing that used to look like her bag with a smell as if the owner of that bag spent several days in a bar with very limited access to showers and entered the building.  Then she entered the elevator.  She was looked at with let's say a lot of interest.  She rushed to the bathroom spreading the smell around.  Now she was trying to save her cellphone and it did not work out. Soaked in wine the cellphone went parting and was not coming back.  She tried to save the wallet.  Money and cards smelling like wine can still function and that was a good thing.  She cleaned as much as she could. She then looked at the mirror  and now the big one .....
she said:"Ok, there is a lot to be upset about.  Money of course, I have to buy a new cell phone, I have to buy a new gift, I have to buy or fix a new bag.  It is not the best way to start a day. Everything (including me) smells like wine and not in a good sense.   I have reasons to be upset...  
Will any of what happened change if I get upset?" 
She thought for a second and the answer was NO.  Nothing will change.  She will still have to buy a new cell phone, bag, gift, clean ,  blah-blah -blah.  
So she said"  Then I am not going to be upset"  and SHE WAS NOT.
This is one of the best un-clutching stories I have heard..

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