Friday, November 12, 2010


There is a myth that we have to be serious to do important things.  If we are not serious we are not responsible people.  So every  time a change occurs (every day, right?) or a task is presented we have to become serious about it.  "Get serious about it",  the advice goes.
Well, in fact, may be, just may be we should not get serious and in fact we should just......... relax.
Of course our ego feels good when we are serious and we feel important when we breath heavily, look and feel like serious people.  But do we  really need to breath heavily and feel important to sign the checks, go to work or help our children with homework?   Why all enlighten beings are laughing all the  time?  Why the more people meditate the more efficient they become and  (!) the more they laugh?  What was Agni Yoga speaking about when it said:  "Bliss (Joy) is the wisdom"?
Paramahamsa Nithyananda says:  Relaxation with responsibility is enlightenment.  He himself needs so many people just to keep up with his ideas and ability to work non stop without being tired and what about us?
Feels like it is time to start smiling at all the serious tasks.  Maybe it is time not to take life seriously?  What do you think?

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