Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Peak Performance"

Last Saturday I started a group "Peak Performance" for children ages 8 to 14.  My plan was to show them different solutions for everyday use in school (for example how to calm down before a test or how to get ready for a test without stress) or what are the ways to deal with some relationships with friends.  I also want to create connections with kids all over the world (thanks to LEP, the program in India that I took recently, I have so many friends in different countries now).  I want to inspire kids to look within for approval vs. wait for it from outside.
Once I was done with explanation of my goals with this group I asked  them if  they can give me ideas on what they are interested in learning.  I heard the word "stress" in 90% of answers.  It is the conditioning taking place right now.  Paramahamsa Nithyananda talked about kids in the ages 7 to 14 and how they remember and process the words and these words are going to rule their lives later.    If father comes home and says that he is  tired after work they will be saying the same  thing in 20 years and not just saying but actually feeling.  One thing I realized also during the talk with these kids that our psychologists are doing the same damage.  They talk to our kids about stress and how to  deal with it and overcome it and what not so this thing becomes huge as a mountain and now you need to overcome it and struggle with it and find solutions instead of just ...un-clutchng or relaxing with it.    By the way I do realize that people who are experiencing stress and hear about such simple thing for the first time think that people like me do not understand the full magnitude of the problem and  that is why such simple solution is offered but in fact.... I Do.  I was there and even if I am not  there anymore I do remember what it is and how difficult it is to accept the solution, you just need to hit the moment when enough is enough.
Well. I am so glad that these kids came and I am so greateful for this opportunity and I hope together we will discover that this mountain is just an illusion and you do not need to fight that illusion, you can actually un-clutch from it.
So many tests show that information we learn under stress will not stay as a retrievable information, we will forget it as soon as possible.
Our kids need to learn more and more and remember more and more, way more than ever before to be successful in the outer world they need to master their inner world.  Would you agree?

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  1. Yes I Agree. What a beautiful life kids have with Swami. Kids lose their engrams with Master.