Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"I can do it"

 My husband asked me today what Alice’s progress is in yoga.  I am not sure about yoga.  She became skinnier but I can not say that she looks like a yogi.  She is more flexible of course. She likes this form of exercise and was able to wake up everyday at 4:30 to  get to her yoga class.   I was impressed.  
I have to tell you that Alice is a manager.  She looks around,  takes notice about what needs to  be done and constantly assigns tasks to people with no regard to the age of a person whom she is organizing.  This morning something special happened.
Lena came out of the shower. She was covered just with a towel and I was putting washed clothes on the ropes on the balcony. The door to the balcony was open.  Alice said: ”For Lena’s sake Mom you should close the door to the balcony.”  Then after a two second pause she added: “Actually I can do it.”  

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lenka and Kostya/Dialogues

Утро - Костя пришел сказать, что готов идти на йогу. Ленка вставать не хотела. Костя :" Что самскары задавили?"
Вечер - Свамиджи сказал, что много кокосов готовы треснуть. Он имел ввиду просветление, в Индии кокос считается символом и его разбивауют во многих церемониях. Группа здесь очень сильная. Костя подошел к Ленке и говорит: "Ну что, Кокос, устал?"

Monday, July 18, 2011

Book of Hearts

Swamiji was explaining that we need to get a  book and we need to recored either new things we learned from him or other sources or clicks we had.
I was doing my Christmas shopping the next day and saw a red book with the heart designs.
Sincronicity at work.

Friday, July 15, 2011


- Julia is showing photos of her wedding to Lenka and she starts missing her husband.  So Julia said: “Oh I miss Gil (Julia’s husband)”.  Lenka: “No worries, you will probably see him tomorrow since we are starting past life regression….
---At lunch  : Alice came up to me during lunch and said: “Mom,  I am coughing again”.  Me: “Well, go work on that”.  Alice:”Ok” and went to continue lunch.  Kostya: “How can she work on that actually?”  Me: “No idea”.  Two hours later Alice:  “Mom, I am not coughing, I took that candy for cough you showed me yesterday.   They are unpleasant but work.
--------   Julia, Lenka, Kostya and me are sitting outside after the session.   Julia: “I am feeling strange.  I am not feeling fully in my body”.  Lenka with a really delayed answer: “Yes, it just does not feel real”.  Me: “What is real here anyway?”  we all are serious for about one minute and then we laugh.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Inner Awakening

It feels that Inner Awakening is totally different this time.  Well, Swamiji surely does not repeat himself.  From workouts to mediation to topics on which they focus.  Everything is different.   One thing is similar: faces that change in front of your eyes.  Women looking younger, bodies feeling lighter, habits changing.  They all notice it too and laugh and smile and joke about it.  All of them lost the feeling of time.  Friday?  Thursday?  Does not matter...
This is the schedule: They wake up at 4:30 am with the music that wakes the whole ashram.  The music goes inside your system slowly and wakes you up with an awesome vibration.  Then n-fitness: yoga and wights together.  Swimming in the healing pond, morning discourse, sessions and meditations, lunch, n-fitness, sessions and meditations, energy darshan at night and dinner.  All is done by about 10 pm.
I am writing this and someone has started drumming outside...Hard to explain all of it.  Better come and experience.  It is on the same planet, at the same time when you are here so no need to miss it!


The funniest thing is that when I was deciding what to describe today I did not remember about seeing materialization done today!  It did not jump to my mind ?!  There is so much going on in this ashram: from medical studies conducted on Kundalini energy, healing, blessings, preparations for Guru day tomorrow...Transformation that I see in everyone in the Inner Awakening Program require a  separate post.
Anyway today in the morning we all were present at the experiment in which Paramahamsa Nithyananda materialized rudraksha in the palms of one of his disciples.   There were some medical professionals present who checked that there were no tricks etc,  This will be repeated under controlled conditions also.  What is the point?  The point is that we as humans have unlimited potential.  So congratulations to all of us.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bliss itsself

 He is able to inspire people to take 2,5 to 3 hours of exercise a day – no complains from that far from really fit crowd, meditate for many hours without previous experience – no complains again, swim in cold water every day – no complains and finally …not miss coffee (a big one!)  We see miracles every day and no one is even surprised any more… Mystic.  What are we witnessing?!  Bliss itself.


Last night after energy darshan dancing started in the hall.  Guess who was the mastermind?  No, not me.  My 12 year old.  She and Chitra (a friend of mine in the Inner Awakening program) started dancing.  Soon Alice was moving around the hall making people stand up and dance.  And they did, and I did too and Lenka and even Kostya (Lenka's huband)...We were dancing and dancing and dancing...Alice was moving so freely, so naturally, so gracefully..
Today in the morning she already started making plans for the dancing at night.  We will see what happens...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I just wanted to write them down to remember.  We have here 5 people speaking Russian and four of us hang out often during meals.  So here are some conversations:
 - Julia:  Well, I feel very sleepy all the  time.  What to do with this?  ....I was so sleepy in the afternoon that  fell asleep while we were doing weights with a dumbbell on my chest...
- Kostya - There was an exercise  when he was supposed to share some stories of his life so he started :"Ok hrushi i stepashki..."
- Me and Lenka in the room.  We both brought different stuff for our laundry.  Lenka asks me  "Len, can I use your detergent?"  Me: :"Sure, why, yours is leaving yellow stains?" (mine was leaving yellow stains)  She goes: "No,  mine leaves blue dots..."
- I had to take a picture of Lenka at night yesterday because she was learning mantras with a flashlight under the blanket.  Alice does not allow light after 10pm and Lenka was so sincere in her desire to learn Gyatri Mantra.
-  Alice (my 12 year old) does not allow us to talk at night or giggle or turn the lights on.  So of course we giggle and call her "camp counselor" or "vozatii".
- Julia and Lenka are trying to figure out whether it is Saturday or Friday.  Then they figured that it is Saturday and Julia said "Oh, so tomorrow is Sunday!"  We all looked at her and said :"Yes, and how this helps you?"
-Another one from Kostya - He is the first one to wake up and he stops by our room before going to the hall.  He sets up yoga mats and dumbbells for Lenka and me.  His usual question is " Ok, so how many athletes do we have today?"
Slow days, sweet friendships in this amazing energy...

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Interesting things are happening:
**** i was talking to my friends here that every time I go to visit them in Moscow they buy me apricot kernels.  I love them very much and so I said something like "oh, I wish I had them now". In about two hours a girl from New York opened her bag and offered them to me.  I could not believe my eyes.  "Are these almonds?" (they look alike)  "No, no they are the apricot kernels, I always buy them"...

****.At the end of the art classes I spoke to my adult students that I wanted to learn to use the tablet to draw and we discussed what kinds are there, etc.  They also offered me to borrow one so I can learn.  Yesterday one of the girls here asked me about some ideas for the webiste design and she got me a tablet and a Photoshop!!!!  So when not translating I am exploring these new wonderful things.
Thank  you Swamiji for my gifts!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Science Research and Drawing in the Hall

Amazing two days for me.
Scientific research started yesterday on the effects of Kundalini awakening on the brain.  There is a scientist from US who is working and collecting data and we got a chance to see the process.  My friend got inspired by all that scientific research and had an idea of using his physics lab to work with Paramahamasa Nithyananda on alternative energy sources.
 Everything is booming with energy and I ...I enjoy and I .. draw... for myself.  I sit here in the middle of the hall and draw.  My friends have a lot of internal work to do in this session and I sit next to the professor of Sanscrit (she is translating for someone too) and we do our things: she writes some papers and I draw...Feeling Blessed.  

Monday, July 4, 2011

She managed

Today was a day when Alice was complaining of several things.  One thing was that she was misunderstood in general, then she wanted to be her own person and make her own decisions, she also wanted to start her own religion from today.  It all sounded great to me but my objective was to make sure she gets to her yoga session on time, make sure she wears clothes that do not require a lot of maintenance, make sure she goes swimming, make sure she eats at least a little bit at breakfast.
So the day went like this:  Alice did not want to wake up today but then managed.  Then she did not want to swim but then managed.  Then she did not want to eat but then managed...So  I call it “She managed” day.  I hope she will be in a happier mood at night though.

Scorpion Story

Yesterday Alice, my 12 year old daughter, told me that she saw a big scorpion and it was scary and poisonous.  I can not say that I liked that news but did not get too concerned.
Today when I was translating the session about Death (by the way, awesome stuff.  It is wonderful to get liberated from fears of death) he said: “Even yesterday I had to release some confused beings like a scorpion.”  Later we had a question-answer session and one of the ladies asked what he meant by releasing a scorpion.    He said: “When I was walking I saw a scorpion with his tail with poison up and ready to bite.  I looked at it and his tail went down.  I stepped on it and made sure he passed peacefully and into a new good body.  See, I asked all these guys not to come here because we have kids running around now…”  I guess it was that same scorpion… There was a similar story in the fall with cobra I believe.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I am in the hall as a volunteer for the Inner Awakening program translate for my Russian friends.  Volunteer means someone who is helping someone else out of the goodness of their heart.
Reality is:  I benefit so much.  My own understanding deepens, new parts of my being are opening, my own practice will be in a higher frequency after that experience. 
It is always like that with volunteering here.  You are the first one to benefit...

Swimming with my daughter…

How can I describe this?  Imagine a huge pool filled with healing water.  A big black 21 feett Shiva Linga is in the middle with several fountains.  We all are swimming and laughing and music is playing.  A group of kids runs to the pool.  There is a girl with a lot of curly hair and a beautiful smile in an orange shirt.  “Mommy!”, she says and soon we both are swimming and hugging and laughing in the water together.
She did 1,5 hour yoga session before and also kids have a running routine in the morning. Swimming comes after that.

Weights? Me?

Never ever ever I liked gym.  Really never.   After coming back from the ashram I became a bit lazy with exercise.   Look at me “ a bit”, no a bit, I just did not do anything.  Period.  I was looking forward to the peaceful yoga sessions that are absolutely amazing in the ashram.
Oh well.   Swamiji has added weights to the yoga routine that we are having here during Inner Awakening so we are doing 1,5 hours in the morning and one hour in the afternoon.  I wish someone took a photo of my and Lenka’s face (that best childhood friend that I mentioned) when we saw the weights.  We had a choice – 1, 3, 5, 10 kg (kg not lbs.)  Guess what – all ones were gone fast, really fast, so we managed to get 3 kg for the second session and used 5 kgs only once. 
It was all about connecting breath with movement and adding weights to that.  Awesome stuff actually.   When weights are done with awareness even this becomes meditation. 

India. Again.

I am in India again.  This trip is even more special.  It might sound funny because it was special all the time but it does get better and better.  This time my daughter is here with me.   She is twelve and is getting into that beautiful age when a lot of arguments are a part of your every day routine.  I do not want to keep arguing with her.  What arguments do I experience now?  Simple:  how much TV is too much?  Why a girl who is 12 years old should not be changing her eyebrows?  What to eat?  How to be skinny and if it is important to eat healthy and what is healthy anyway?  Also “Everyone is dating so maybe I should be dating too?”  By the way, I personally would like to understand what dating means at that age.  Well, just a reminder, she is twelve, not fifteen.  So I just want to get on the same page with her and keep friendship after she stops listening to us. 
And another amazing reason is that my childhood best friend and her husband came to this ashram in India from Moscow.  They actually came here themselves to take Inner Awakening.  Now they are experiencing and I am here to witness and help.
My girlfriend was able to experience for the first time the weightless body after one of the meditations and it is only her second day!  
I did not get a darshan yesterday but my daughter and my friends did and I felt as if I had it myself.  So happy for them!  So glad I can share this! 
Thank you Thank you Thank you