Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wisdom comes with age?

We are sitting around the fire at night near the healing pool with a huge shivalinga, black palm trees with a blue and grey sky as a backdrop.  Swamiji is here with us listening to the participants improvising on the flute and drums. The music is amazing and as with every improvisation gives you the feeling of being inside the moment even more.
I turned  to the guy next to me and said: "Isn't is surreal?"  He thought for a second: "No, this is real and the rest is surreal."
He is 25, my friend's son....
Another funny one:
We were doing laughing meditation (it was not just laughing mediation, it was actually a long process and laughing part was one part of the process).  Anyway, at lunch I was sitting next to him and mentioned  that I could not really do laughing part very well.  He said: "Of course, Russians laugh only if it is  bad or really bad."  and ...I started laughing...

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