Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What is the goal?

We had a great discourse today in the morning that summarized all we are doing here.
Paramahamsa Nithyananda said that we need to have a Yogic body, Vedic mind and Zen living.
So short but so awesome, right?
I am definitely struggling with yogic body.  I can not be in lotus and I am not (shame on me) standing on my head yet.  Honestly, I am not really sure I will.   But I want to give another awesome example of being in this energy field - it is almost a tradition now to do 108 Sun Salutations.  No one even complains because it feels amazing, the breath just takes you into every movement.  Some people in our  group are much older or sick and they too can go through most of it.  Another funny thing happened, I can actually put my leg over my shoulder now.  I can not do much with it and it is definitely does not look pretty but I am so happy for me.
I did describe the Vedic Mind in the post "what do you believe in" so basically it is being open and using all available techniques for growth, not being stuck with one tradition.
 Zen living is a beautiful concept.  Paramahamsa embraces the Zen tradition so much and says that he is a practicing Zen Buddhist.  He described monasteries in which he stayed during his wondering days He said that Zen monks are so in the present moment that everything around them is beautiful, it is not a dry order but a flow and dance of existence.    He said that Hindu culture does not care enough about the  beauty of living and that is why you will have such accomplished yogis and amazing energy filled temples but you might see that the dresses on deities are not that clean or surrounding are not clean.  He says it takes so much time to train people to live that way.  I can say that I saw the ashram three years in a row and it is a constantly changing place that becomes more and more and more beautiful. His vision manifests in flower gardens all over the ashram, alleys with trees, beautiful lansdcapes. Maybe it is better to see the pictures on the website than put one thousand words. They have a web tv there too so you can see some of the things here.

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