Monday, September 6, 2010

What is our routine here at LE program?

As everything with Paramahamsa Nithyananda, nothing is going to turn to a routine.  His ashramites say “With Master it is a rollercoaster only”.
Several things happen everyday but they are never ever the same.
Yoga – Every day the yoga class is a little bit different. It: might be a different sequence or different asanas for the day because of the mediation techniques.  One day we started a yoga session with our yoga teacher playing drums!  He was improvising while we were doing some awesome warm up things.   It is also different depending on the time of the day we are doing our practice.  The depth of my understanding of the yoga movements is really enjoyable.  The only thing – I am still not in lotus and a lot of yogic powers do require this. By the way Swamiji said “Do you know how to determine the real yogi?  Only when a yogi can go into full lotus without using their hands they can claim that they are yogis.”  Well, with hands, without hands I am in 1/8th of lotus if this measurement exists.  Also I roll on the ground before breakfast to cleans the liver.  The first time I got so nauseous but it is getting better.   After that and before breakfast we have neem juice (quite bitter but I do not mind.  It is actually some kind of herbal tea that works on digestion)
Ash bath – we are applying some herbal ash, we rub it into the skin all over the body.  Some people shaved their heads to make sure they cover all body. We have an air bag underneath every hair follicle and they need to be filled with air.   He said to the ashrimite girls , "please do not shave or we will get in trouble again; they will say that we are some kind of cult".  When I was in Himalyas in 2008 I saw a lot of siddhus who were covered in ash so at least now I understand why they were doing it.  We go to a healing pool to wash it off.  Healing pool is a huge structure with a 21 fool Shiva Linga in the middle that is made of 1008 herbs and sprinkles around it.  It is supposed to be very very healing.
Meditation – Always always unpredictable.  So far people cry, fly, shake, laugh, you name it.  He says that he is changing our mental set up. I surely hope so.
Pranayama – the one I experienced was really difficult.  You inhale till the point when you can not inhale any more and then you hold till you are almost fainting and then you exhale till the point when you have nothing left and then you hold till the point that you feel it the end of everything.  He said that inhale is a greed and exhale is fear.  With practice and His help we managed inhale but exhale............................................
Discourses - One is in the morning, it is called "morning message" and one is at night on yoga sutras

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