Saturday, September 11, 2010

Education of the future or of the past

We had a very interesting meeting with the team that is developing international curriculum with methods, lesson plans that can be adopted in different countries. 
The most stunning ideas were teaching in no mind.  I really have to process it deeper and do way more research on all of it.  Teaching directly to subconscious mind, storing  encyclopedias inside your brain while providing Life Solutions from a very young age.  Education based in inspiration.  Children with disabilities in our regular western understanding (autism, ADD, ADHD, auditory processing) are thriving in this system.    The school is based in Chennai and under guidance of Parmahamsa Nithyananda collected a lot of materials.  A lot of materials and approaches are from ancient Vedic Science and a lot is a collection of wonderful things that educators around the world are discovering.   Now it is time to make it available to everyone.    
Oh, and by the way: Art is used in every (!) subject.


  1. I want to know a lot more about teaching to the subconscious mind. When I was training teachers in Scotland, I was in a school where there was a line-up of ADD & ADHT kids at lunchtime everyday waiting for a drug Ritolin to be administered. When I was looking at alternative ways of teaching on the West coast of Canada, I witnessed phsychic kids who could read minds and thought it was natural.Problems developed when they realised they were different and teachers and friends became fearful and so the kids withdrew or were withdrawn from the school.

  2. I am very interested too. They developed a program that is called quantum memory. I would learn all of it if I could. I think that with all these efforts (especially now with people from different countries bringing different issues to address) that would be a revolutionary break through in the education system in the whole world.