Thursday, September 9, 2010

Do they ever sleep?

One of the things that I am trying to understand is the ashramites rotuine.  Or maybe lack of it.   When I came here three years ago and saw whole bunch of young man and women running around the ashram, smiling, I learned that  they sleep between two and four hours a day.  I was in shock.  How can you function at all?!  The secret is in the quality of sleep as I figured out this time.  When they go to bed they actually fall asleep right away and when they open their eyes they immediately wake up.  They do not have snooze buttons.
Most of ashramites have higher degrees and have some valuable skills.  When they work they really seem to enjoy it.
And they switch between the activities with ease.  I was sitting in the office writing e-mails with a lot of people working around me.  All of a sudden they all closed their laptops and left.  I got curious and followed them.  Turns out Paramahamsa Nityananda started the outdoor games and festival for Krishna’s birthday.  One second ago there were all so deeply involved in their work and the next second they were laughing and splashing each other with water and trying to win candy.  That is the true un-clutched state that he talks so much about.
One thing is definite – I feel so grateful for them for all their work here.  They have Swamiji’s mission in their hearts and they will do whatever it takes for the mission.    Someone said something like: “if these housekeeping arrangements are not improved then you (the ashram_) will not be able to host so many westerners.  In all honesty, India has its own way of housekeeping and it may not be what we are accustomed to but one thing is certain – all of them are doing 20 to 22 hours of work daily for the mission and they are laughing and smiling while helping us.  Pretty amazing!

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