Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sick, sick , sick , sick

I have been feeling really sick since yesterday.  I have flu-like symptoms and could barely move.  We have several doctors available both from US and India but we are taking it slow with medications.  He said that samscaras  need to be released from the body and the easiest way is this.  So the advice is just go through it, it will be ok.
In the morning, I could not even talk much so I grabbed the matrass (we spend most of the time in a huge hall and the activities go from Yoga mat to mattress when you listen to the discourse or Paramahamsa does the process).  Anyway, I just went to the end of the room and lied there feeling so miserable that it would really difficult to describe:fever, nausea, stuffed nose, muscle ache, you name it.  Within  ten minutes people started coming to me and giving me healings, doctors showed up to look at me.  Paul (son of my Russian friends that has such a good sense of humer) said that he can manifest hot tea for me with sugar.  And he did.  (Ir, you have a very good compassionate  son).
It is evening now – I am still not fully myself.  Everyone is doing yoga around me and I am just typing this…I hope all these samskaras (engraved memories will be gone from my system).  If they are not gone and just un-active, I will not be able to hold the energy of enlightenment.  So let them be gone please.,,

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