Sunday, September 5, 2010


We started a process on prana balancing.  It is very elaborate but still some clarification of technical knowledge needed:  A very nice acharya (teacher) is giving this session.   I drifted away in my thoughts between all the sukshas and dikshas  (I am trying to say that there is a lot of  terminology that I am just learning) and the moment I came back I heard: "...Then you become established in Advait, beyond duality.  No world exist, no you exists.  " She stops and looks at a person who asked a question and goes: "Right?  Does it make sense?"...

We are doing pranayma or breathing practice. All of us are sweating like pigs.  I have been to many yoga studios and yoga retreats.  I have never ever experienced anything like that.  
Paramahamsa Nithyananda stops us:  "What is that?   The whole group is not catching. Let's just take a break."  The ashramite (a person who lives in the ashram full time)  asks if it is ok for us to have lunch before we do pranayama.  Swamiji goes:  "What pranyama they are doing?  It is just a little nose blowing!".

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