Thursday, September 16, 2010

Do I have to have a Master?

I can tell you now confidently that the answer is yes.  The best way to describe having a guidance like that is that if you have a chronic illness (your ego) and your personal doctor gives you specific medications for every manifestation of your illness until he takes the root of illness out si that you will be cured, liberated.  It might be unpleasant at times but as he says himself: “If the right person tells you that you are hopeless you are in bliss, and some other person can give you a compliment and it would put you in suffering.” 
But all this master business was difficult for me to figure out.  Despite the fact that I was a seeker for a long time and felt that I was ready to meet a Master when it did happen I went through so much nonsense thoughts and emotions that I would not have gone through having being prepared better.
Now it saddens my heart that our kids will be struggling as well.  My step daughter, who is such a successful young lady (picture and interview in Cosmopolitan recently) find it ridiculous when a guru speaks on business.   Of course granted I have not listened to this particular person who was giving a lecture but I sensed in her comment that these people should not be giving business advice.  That saddens me because she is the future.  If the present CEOs and future CEOs do not listen to the advice from the enlighten recourses we will not see the planet getting ready for any major changes.
 I grew up in Moscow, Russia.  Surely it is not the spiritual incubator of  the world but it is an amazing country full of brilliant people.  When communists took over the country in the beginning of the 20th century they started with church distruction.  They succeeded in many ways and by the age of 20 all I knew about religion was that it was considered  “opium for people” according to county’s former and evil leader Lenin. 
So as always, society violates you and installs some ideas and then you have to live with this nonsense.:  How about something like spiritual people have to be poor, church is only after your money, enlighten people have to live in the woods and have no idea about our real world.  All this BS that was used over and over to manipulate us.   Simple thought have to be entertained by our youngsters: if your parents are not enlighten and your grandparents are not enlighten but they were the ones who were teaching you when you were a little child DO NOT think that the ideas you have in your head now are yours and they are correct.  Drop them and search the truth. 
Then the question is if you figured out that you might need some help so can’t you get books and practice.  Surely it is possible.  It is the same way as with any sports.  Can you learn soccer, tennis, or basketball on your own?  Of course.  You can then play in your backyard and then maybe with some neighbors but if you decide to become a little better you will have to find good coaches.  If you progress further and want to  be on the Olympic team you will have training done by the best coaches possible.  So same here, can I learn all of this from books and youtube clips with discourses.  Of course, but without being here it would take lifetimes (not even years) to experience.   I am not in a mood for waiting anymore.  Are you?


  1. What are you going to do with all this learning?I have been a seeker for a long time and have worked and learned within many communities. I'm not in the mood for waiting either but I could say that I am in transition and still waiting to know what I can do with all the learning and teaching to fulfil my true purpose.I have meditated on that question so often and asked to know my place in this world

  2. So good to hear from you. To answer this question, I am going to be a part of that mission for sure. I am now hopeful to translate and dubb his videos so this information would become available for people in Russia and first of all to my friends. I love my friends!
    the other thing that I am involved in is the creation of the curriculum for international school based on all this amazing stuff. I am covering lesson plans for art and theater and some ideas for music.
    They just decided to create the same 21 day program for kids as they have for adults. It is called Inner Awakening and it is the fastest way to get transformed to a higher state of consciousness. It is 21 days but it is just days and not years. I really wish I would be convincing enough for my own son to come and experience. I am hopeful though.
    So this is the way I discovered. Does it sound interesting?