Monday, September 6, 2010

Why Nithyananda?

Amazing experiences. “I have been practicing meditation for over 15 years, I do yoga everyday and my body is as flexible as a body of a nine year old. I did mediation for about 12 hours but never ever experienced anything like that state of being and that depth of meditation that I experienced in his presence,”, said one of the older participants of our group. You can sit by yourself for a long time but when you meditate in his presence, the experience is totally different. Being around a Living Incarnation is something that is really difficult to describe. I will give examples in a separate post.
Personal Connection Choosing whom to listen to is one of the key factors because if you do not have a connection, the knowledge will just stay as dry information and might not penetrate your being. Connection is when every word makes sense and questions get answered before they are asked.
Amazing simplicity of the teachings. I loved Buddhist tradition for that reason and so having Nithyananda who is teaching in that same style – clear, simple, straight. But he is alive, he is present, you can see him, get Darshan from him, ask him questions. He promotes Vedic Tradition which embraces all masters from all religions and says that he himself is a practicing Zen Buddist.
Global Vision/Mission – He wants to change the consciousness of the world.He wants to do it Now because there is urgency to it. He says that he came to the planet with a mission to save humankind, to help enlighten beings evolve, to make our life easier, to make a transition smoother. He himself did not need to struggle for enlightenment. He got his experience at the tender age of 12.He can though transfer the experience. You will feel it when you meet him... I always wanted to do something amazing for the world and his goal of having 2 million enlightened beings in 2 years sounds pretty amazing. I am experiencing his techniques so yes, he can do it and he just needs to inspire us, ordinary human beings to help him to help us. Sounds funny, right? You need to listen to his message about 2012…And he says it in a very simple way:”I am not interested in having a hundred people having good experiences, I am interested in raising consciousness of the planet. Are you in?”

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