Saturday, September 18, 2010

My passed away step-father dancing

Ok ,  this one might be too much, so I apologize but I want to write about it anyway. We went to the special puja for people who left the body.  When this 10,000 y.o. ritual is conducted by the enlighten Master, the karmas of this person who passes away are burnt and he gets liberation. 
We were told that it is a good time to remember our loved ones who left the bodies.  I started meditating and saw vividly my step father, my aunt and my uncle.  Some other grandmothers and grandfathers were there but on the back of the scene. 
At some part of the ceremony the celebration started and I saw that they started dancing, especially my step father.   He was dancing so intensely in a very traditional, village type Indian style.  I shaked my head several times but he was still there dancing in such joy!  I am going to ask Paramahamsa if it was a true vision of maybe just my imagination went wild.  It did feel so real though…

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