Friday, September 3, 2010

Am I going to levitate?

The Program is very intense, we are working on balancing five different energies in the body to be healthy, conflict free, to live enlightement.
The first energy we are balancing is called samana.  By product or side effect of the balanced energy is levitation or flying.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda (everyone one calls him Swamiji) keeps saying that it is not important if you go up in the air or not  but I really really want to experience even for one second.   True levitation is one unit of time raising up, more than four units of time in the air and one unit going down.

Since the process started we are in three groups: first group was able to lift off the ground for several seconds right away (you can try it yourselves to see that you can not really do it at will), second group was able to psychologically experience the lift and the third one is 'Nothing"  Well, Alice (my 11 y.o. daugher) would be upset probably because I am in that third one.  We laugh about it and call ourselves "really grounded ones" and "potted plants".  With every process the experience goes deeper and now the first group got some more people from the second one and they are laughing in the air, the second one makes some sounds and looks quite happy and we, the grounded ones, were made to do a total of 216 sun salutations yesterday in one day on top of the rest of the stuff to balance that "samana", then Swamiji gave us darshan so I am hopeful.  Oh, and by the way three of my friends are in the first group now...

I was thinking today that the fact that I am sitting and seriously thinking about flying is absolutely totally amazing.  
by the way, the next energy is prana and Swamiji told us that balanced prana allows to walk on water.....

The only thing that can make my day better here is to have my family with me her but I guess everything happens how it supposed to happen and maybe one day I will bring them here too.

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