Thursday, September 9, 2010

Anti-Aging Secrets

The best sourse would be to watch  Paramahamsa Nithyananda discourse but in a nut shell 
Timeless Mind Equals Ageless Body!

We need to make ourslelves light base then the body will not be tired, it will function in a higher frequency like Mahavar Babaji in Himalayas.  They say he resides there for a thousand years and was last seen sometime in 1940s in the market with his feet above the ground.
I hope to come back looking 20 years younger.  I would enjoy it so much.
This is a story I wanted to share:  We are not allowed to take pictures inside the ashram but I will try to take a picture of that lady when we go visit some temple.  Here is why – I was sitting on the mat and looking around and one  girl caught my eye by absolutely radiant beauty and youth.    The only thing that did not match the whole picture was her grey hair.  I enjoyed watching her and forgot about it.  The next day another friend of mine said:  Have you noticed what happened to this lady?  Turns out she is 70 years old and she looks as if she is ….30. 
Anyway the formular is this -   Beginning/      Sponaneus Past (SP)//  Confused Future (CF)    -End
                                                                           Chronological Past //  Chronological Future

So once SP is higher than CF , your body is more prana base, joyfull base and the years can be added. 
It seems that it is about un-clutching again…   He has  a discourse of un-clutching on youtube.                                 

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  1. Joy is one of the keys to anti-ageing as is laughter, friendship, belonging to a community and doing something purposeful that you love. Nowadays there are so many isolated , lonely people. We have become so independent and busy in our lives. Although we have gained from the speed of information technology, our dependence on communication via computer has separated us from face to face communication and the pleasure of receiving and writing letters. We have lost the art of community and I think that applies to people of all ages. I think I travel in order to seek community and meet people of all ages and hear their stories(I am an ageless traveller. Perhaps I should start a travel company for ageless travellers to ageless places!) I love being with people and since my husband died, I found the silence and emptiness of living alone at home difficult so I create community in different ways.I would like to do something for people who are isolated and feel lonely but won't admit it because it is regarded by society as a weakness.There are 7.5 million people in the UK living alone compared with 4.3 million people 15 years ago.I wonder what the figures are in America, especially New York? Loneliness is known to cause stress, depression and alchoholism.There must be some way of bringing likeminded ,lively but lonely people together other than social networking on the web.