Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nirahara Samyama jokes

1.  My son calls from work with a question about dinner.  I started naming:  vegetarian pizza, rice with vegetables, pancakes with homemade peach marmalade... Before I could finish he said: "Mom, did we have company?"  "No, I said,  I just had a break in my yoga practice and could eat today."....

2. During satsang Swamiji was explaining that average flow of an enlighten being is a miracle for a conscious person.  I remembered how in 2008 there was a girl in India who kept getting candy from Swamiji's photo.  For some reason I felt it was such a special story (I am thinking now because it was food related) that I decided to tell it to my friends at the satsang.  At the end of the story I proudly said that I do have that picture at home.  My friend's husband looked at me smiling and said : "Do you  get candy?"
I thought a little and said: "No, I get only Nirahara Samyama!"

**Samyama is awakening of the powers in your biomemory and Nirahara Samyama is awakening the ability to live without food.  The practice so far included meditation, chanting inside the throat, un-clutching and the  best part - no food, only water or coconut water.

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