Friday, July 27, 2012

Art 3 /Note from Osho

I love Osho's Tarot readings.  They speak a lot to me.
I went on the site and got the reading.  The card read Exhaustion!  Then there was this:  "
Some of the Commentary:
This is the portrait of one who...... has been so busy "keeping it all together" and "making sure everything runs smoothly", that he has forgotten to really rest. No doubt he can't allow himself to be playful. To abandon his duty for a trip to the beach could mean the whole structure might come tumbling down. The message of this card is not just about being a workaholic, though. It is about all the ways in which we set up safe but unnatural routines for ourselves and, by doing so, keep the chaotic and spontaneous away from our doors. Life isn't a business to be managed, it's a mystery to be lived. It's time to tear up the time-card, break out of the factory, and take a little trip into the uncharted. Your work can flow more smoothly from a relaxed state of mind.
Wow, I thought.  I am sitting and planning the creativity itself in a planned and organized manner! 
I Have been cleaning the house the whole week and on many occasions I stopped myself when I had an idea for a painting because it was not the right time and I was ..... cleaning the closet!
Notice that I also planned to start on Monday.  Don't we all start something on Monday, New Year, etc.
Thank you Osho!!! Starting now and will not set a special time.  Will just be in the flow.  

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