Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Today Swamiji confirmed my long time guess that He is only a mirror of what or who we are.
This idea came to me when I noticed that when a person with a very strong ego looks at Nithyananda they always say: "Look, He is just full of himself."   When a humble person looks at him they say : "Look, He is so great but so simple."  When a person who really loves the idea of God as Krishna looks at him he or she says: "He is Krishna.  No doubt.  Look at him laughing!"  When a person who loves Shiva looks at him, they say: "He is Shiva himself, he will destroy your ego, don't ever doubt that!"
I have met a Christian minister who was convinced that Nithyananda was Jesus who came back as he promised to create a new world.
I am  not describing something in general, or some phenomena that I witness from a distance. All these impressions and conversations happened with closest to me people,: friends, relatives, coworkers!
Just like he said today:  "I am just a mirror.  I hold it in front of me for You to see You.  Once you realize that you are seeing your ultimate idea of yourself, YOU WILL WAKE UP."
Is this alarm for me?

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